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"It is my utmost honour and duty to serve the city of Paris. The Prefecture doesn't need any assistance from you superheroes, Ladybug. You cause more trouble than good for me. I highly advise you to stay out of our way."
— Zeïneb to Ladybug
Zeïneb Ben Amor (Arabic: زينب بن عمر) is a supporting fan character in Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir. She is the Chief of Police of the Paris Police Prefecture and the superior of Roger Raincomprix and Malika Brahimi. A dedicated agent of Tunisian origin, she harbors a strong dislike for the Miraculous superheroes due to the Police Force seeming "sub-par" in comparison to Ladybug and Cat Noir.

She is portrayed by Algerian-French actress Leïla Bekhti.

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A Bedouin woman, Zeïneb has dark brown hair, tanned skin, and brown-coloured eyes. At 160 cm. (5'3"), she possesses a fairly muscular and athletic build with sleek, developed legs.

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Zeïneb is the Maghrebi (Tunisian) and French transcription of the Arabic name Zaynab (زينب) with an uncertain meaning[2][3]. It could be from the Arabic word زينة‎‎ (zīna) meaning "adornment, ornament"[4] or from زين (zayn) meaning "beautiful, handsome"[5]. In Islamic belief, this is the name of a daughter (Zaynab bint Muhammad) and granddaughter (Zaynab bint Ali) of the Prophet Muhammad.

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Ben Amor (بن عمر) is the Tunisian[6] spelling of the Arabic surname Bin Umar meaning "son of Umar".[7] The name Umar (عمر) means "populous, flourishing" in Arabic.[8]

Her surname is a homage to Hamada Ben Amor (El Général), a Tunisian rap musician.

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  • She is openly bisexual and is currently married to Parisian local Marlène Roussel.
    • She and Marlène adopted a daughter named Élise.
  • Zeïneb considers herself an agnostic despite her Muslim upbringing.
  • She originally wanted to apply for the Armée de terre (French Army).
  • As a youth, she was once "tested" by Master Fu (similar to the "test" with Marinette and Adrien) to see if she was worthy of possessing a Miraculous, but Zeïneb failed.
    • Master Fu deliberately "fell" to the ground and pretended to be in pain when Zeïneb was the only person present, but the latter coldly ignored the former and scowled at him.

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  • Zeïneb originated from the idea of Hafsa Ben Yahia, a past OC and a young Tunisian businesswoman who sought to destroy the Miraculouses for her own political reputation.

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