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Note: Though the real École de l'air is actually located in Salon-de-Provence in southern France, I've moved it to Paris for the sake of the main plot of the series.

"Y'know, Yacine, you're really something. I've seen and handled with tons of delinquents before, but none as... special as you. You could've been going places. With such a commendable work ethic, gifted intelligence, and that passion of yours for flight, I have no doubt you would've soared and done fantastic things. Unfortunately, you took the wrong turn down the wrong road. What a shame and a waste of talent, really."
Zeïneb Ben Amor to Yacine
Yacine Bouzaher (Arabic: ياسين بوزاهر), also known by his stage name El Djazaïr (Arabic: الجزائر), is a fan character of Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir. He is an Algerian-French flight school student currently attending the École de l'air in Paris and a part-time Arabic-French translator for Gabriel Agreste and his brand, Gabriel. With the Vulture Miraculous, when inhabited by Aswaad, Yacine transforms into the antihero Zabbal (زبال), gaining the power of death and decay.

He is portrayed by Egyptian actor Mohamed El Sharnouby.

Appearance Edit

Physical Appearance Edit

Yacine is half Arab, half Kabyle with dark-brown hair, warm brown eyes, and long eyelashes. At 186.69 centimetres (6'1½"), he is considered of above-average height (in France[2]) with a slim, lean physique. He has fair-tan skin, light facial hair, thick eyebrows, and a prominent nose. Yacine also has a subtle widow's peak and short, wavy hair. His hair was curlier and unrulier as a child and teenager.

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Personality Edit

"I was always the shy and quiet one among my friends ― what a shocker. I was the youngest, too, actually, so that might've been a contributing factor. While Ilyès, Tarik, and the others did all the cool, exciting, and fun stuff, I would stay behind to watch them because I was too afraid to join them. It always took some reassurance from Ilyès to get me to actually participate in whatever they were doing, so I guess I owe that to him..."
Yacine on his bashfulness.

History Edit

Early Life Edit

  • Yacine as a teenager.
  • Yacine as a teenager.
Yacine Farès Bouzaher (Arabic: ياسين فارس بوزاهر) was born in Bordj El Kiffan, Algeria; a suburb of the nation's capital, Algiers. His father, Hacène, was a Dziria-speaking Arab-Berber from the city of Oran while his mother, Khadidja, was a Kabyle Berber from Béjaïa, Kabylia. From a middle-class family, Hacène was descended from a long line of musicians and worked as a professional raï (Algerian folk music) artist while Khadidja was a high school teacher. Yacine was born four years after his elder sister, Malika, and two years before his younger brother, Sofiane. He also has two younger siblings, Abdelkader and Meriem. Yacine also lived with his paternal grandparents, Karima and Brahim, who were also raï musicians who wanted Yacine to follow in the family's practice.

Yacine, Malika, and Sofiane were born during the midst of the Algerian Civil War. When Yacine was two years old (Malika was aged six and Sofiane one), the family moved from the suburb to central Algiers, where they settled in an apartment. Due to the war, many schools in the city were shut down, which led to Yacine being home-schooled by his parents and grandparents for a few years. At home, Karima and Brahim began training the three children in the art of raï, as they expected their grandchildren to all pursue careers in music.

Khadidja hoped the family could relocate to France or Belgium for a safer life for Malika, Yacine, and Sofiane, but Hacène resisted, stating that he wanted his children to have an "Algerian upbringing in Algiers". Khadidja was constantly frustrated by Hacène's close-mindedness, and the two mainly ended their discussions in arguments and shouting.

To be continued...

Miraculous Ladybug Edit


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Zeïneb Ben Amor Edit


Sofiane Bouzaher Edit

"It's pretty obvious that you and Dad don't care about me, so don't even try to 'make up' for all those years you guys left me in Oran by myself. You should be thanking me, Yacine. I'm saving your time and effort from being wasted."

― Sofiane to Yacine


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Gabriel Agreste/Hawk Moth Edit

Gabriel is Yacine's part-time boss, as Yacine works as a French-to-Arabic translator for the former's brand, Gabriel. Yacine originally met Gabriel through the former's landlord, Benoît Marchand, who was a mutual friend of both men. Because Gabriel sought to invest a branch of his company in North Africa, he needed an Arabic translator, the position of which Yacine fit. Benoît, realising that Yacine was lonely and melancholy, therefore recommended for Gabriel to hire Yacine as a translator. Yacine did obtain the job, as Gabriel found an immediate interest in the boy partially due to his bracelet (Yacine's Miraculous).

Aswaad Edit


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Adrien Agreste/Cat Noir Edit


Trivia Edit

Name Etymology Edit

Yacine Edit

Yacine is the Maghrebi (mainly Algerian)[3] form of the Arabic personal name Yasin (Arabic: ياسين). The name itself is derived from the Arabic letters ya (ي) and sin (س) and is the name of the 36th surah (chapter) in the Qur'an called "Yāʾ-Sīn" (سورة يس‎‎).[4]

His father, who named him, chose the name to honour that specific surah, as it was a significant part that stood out to him when he used to read the Qur'an as a child. The surah discusses the divine power of God (Allah) and serves as a warning to Muslims about ridiculing the Qur'an (and the punishments that will come).[5] This also reflects Yacine's highly devout and pious attitude towards Islam.

Farès Edit

Farès is the French and Algerian form of the name Faris (فارس) meaning "knight, hero" in Arabic.[6][7] Hacène believed that the meaning of the name would provide a sense of strength and bravery for Yacine whenever he felt discouraged or hopeless.

Bouzaher Edit

Bouzaher (Arabic: بوزاهر) is an Algerian[8] family name meaning "father of Zaher" or "father of the shining one".[9] The name is composed of the two Arabic words ʾabū (أبو) meaning "father (of)"[10][11] and zāhir (زاهر) meaning "shining, radiant"[12]. His surname is also a homage to the name Zahir, which was formerly used as Yacine's given name.

Zabbal Edit

Yacine's persona's name is taken directly from the Arabic word zabbāl (زبال) meaning "scavenger", a reference to vultures and a type of behaviour in which animals feed on the carcasses of dead animals or plants.[13]

Fun Facts Edit

  • Like Marinette and Adrien, Yacine would be hard to akumatize; he is a generally pessimistic person with a negative mindset.
  • He is fluent in Dziria (Algerian Arabic) and French and speaks some English.
    • He learned some English by watching YouTube videos as a teenager.
  • Yacine's most prized possession is his hamsa (خمسة‎‎) bracelet that once belonged to his mother.
  • Yacine and Malika were born in the same hospital in Bordj El Kiffan, but Sofiane was born in another district of Algiers (Bab El Oued).
  • His all-time favourite dish is Berber couscous, but he is extremely picky about the couscous he eats and will openly criticise someone if they don't prepare it properly.
    • In his opinion, Malika prepares the best couscous, as she used to cook it for him when they were teenagers in Algeria.
  • He attended the real El Idrissi High School in Algiers.
  • Yacine used to do hobbyist surfing with his friends in Aïn Taya, a suburb of Algiers.
  • He enjoys playing chess and strategy-oriented games.
  • Yacine took violin lessons as a child, but has long forgotten most playing techniques and songs.
    • He could also play the Algerian mandole, which he learned from his grandparents.
  • His mother wanted to name him with a Kabyle (Berber) name since Malika, their first child, had an Arabic name. Khadidja planned on naming him Arezki (ⴰⵔⴻⵣⵇⵉ; meaning "the nourisher, "the benefactor"[14]), but Hacène named him Yacine before Khadidja could.
  • Yacine's original birthplace, the suburb of Bordj El Kiffan, was chosen due to its similar population (150,000) to his creator's childhood city, which had a population of around 165,000 people. The decision was made for nostalgic purposes and a connection to his creator's life.
    • Yacine was originally going to be born in central Algiers.
  • Yacine was the primary reason his creator developed an interest in North African culture.
  • He was called "Curly" (مجعد in Arabic) as a teenager by his friends due to his hair.
  • Yacine is biromantic-asexual, but he refuses to admit it due to his religious nature.
  • He once released a full album called "Laghaz" (لغز; meaning "enigma" in Arabic). In France, it is called "L'énigme".
  • Yacine watches football ("soccer" in America), and his favourite player is Algerian winger Riyad Mahrez.

Scrapped Concepts Edit

  • 2015-Mid 2016: Yacine was initially named Vardan Gasparyan (Վարդան Գասպարյան) and was of Armenian descent. He was a civilian and supporting character at the time and did not wield a Miraculous (his sister, Talin, was going to be the one to receive one). Vardan did not receive much personality development before his concept was scrapped.
  • 2016: After watching Algerian-French actress Sofia Boutella, it was decided that Vardan would be Algerian (as Algeria and France also have years of history together). He was initially renamed as Tahir Benyamina (طاهر بن يمينة) while Talin was named Malika Benyamina (ملكة بن يمينة). It was also decided that Tahir would receive the fanon Snake Miraculous while Malika would be an investigator/detective of sorts.

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