Note: This character is created by and belongs to CureKurogane (KuroganeBlade) for his series, Miraculous Awakening. Please refrain from adding personal edits on this page unless you get his permission to do so. Thank you.

Viridia is a Kwami that is connected to the Butterfly Miraculous who resides with Woody McCargar. She has a deep interest in fashion and the riches of famous celebrities (their wealthy lifestyle), and enjoys Woody's company. Viridia speaks in an aristocratic English accent and is the new main character of Miraculous Awakening.


  • Since Viridia is a butterfly-like Kwami, she may know Nooroo due to him also being a butterfly-like Kwami although he resides within the Moth Miraculous.
  • Viridia has a very posh personality, but she is very kind towards her fellow Kwamis, and shows a deep affection towards Leo.
  • Her name is derived from the word "viridian" which is a bluish shade of green.

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