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Violette Elise is a student at Collège Françoise Dupont, after she being humiliated by not knowing how to sing, she is akumatized by hawk moth and becomes Musique, a supervillain who hypnotizes people with her voice.

Violette Elise


Appearance Edit

She is purple haired, has brown eyes, a brown uniform, light purple skirt, pink stockings and brown shoes.

As Musique she is still purple haired, but she has a red mask, red eyes, gray dress, black stockings and shoes.

Personality Edit

Screenshot 140


She is outgoing and happy, her dream is to be a singer, but she can not sing very well, she likes classic music and plays a violin.

As Musique, she is totally evil.She hypnotizes people with her soft voice and turn them into her slaves, and aspires to extract her revenge on the people who made fun of her by throwing them in the lake.

Abilities Edit

She seems very skilled playing with her violin.

As a Villian Edit

Musique is able to shoot rays from her ring at her right hand, and sing a song to hypnotize people, she can also float.

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