Victor crei is a new student at collège franćoise Dupont, in "count dreamula" when he is teased because he dreams of becoming a nurse, a akuma possesses his dreamcatcher and he is akumatised into Count dreamula, a vampire-themed supervillain who can bring dreams to life

appearance Edit

physical appearance Edit

victor is a short and slender male with orange hair and a tan.

civilian attire Edit

victor's main outfit consists of a blue winter coat over a red shirt, he also wears jeans and snowshoes. he also has a dreamcatcher on his necklace, which ends up being his akumatised object.

as count dreamula Edit

dreamula has pale skin and vampire teeth, he also wears a mask,and wears a gothic outfit, he has his dreamcatcher on his necklace.

(to be finishe)

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