Name: Malinda Neith Taipan

Kwami: cobra

Kami name: Apophis

Kwami accessory: Bronze snake thigh coil with rubies for eyes

Ethnicity: half Caucasian, Half Arabic.

Description: Long striaght light brown hair. One red serpant eye and one blue serpant eye. Curvy body. A very beautiful girl.

When traveling to her fathers famous dig site in the acient pyramids of Egypt she explores the ruins to find a strange box containing an acient destruction that attempts to swollow her soul before she takes back control, earning the power to use the destruction of her kwami: Apophis, Apo for short, at the mere age of eleven. Traveling the world, learning to control her power, she grows bored, returning to her home in paris to model with her new friend: Adrian Agreste. She learns the identity of her new friends alter ego and plots to use this to give her somthing interesting to do, already knowing the identity of both ladybug and chat noir.

Transformation description: Blackish red spike scale armored suit with a large hood, resembling the crown of a cobra. A mask that only covers her blue snake eye.

Weapons: Special throwing knives she can conjor at any time.

Powers: super strength and agility. The ability to blend into her surounding, becoming virtually invisible. The ability to absorb akuma, taking the energy they contain in order to get more powerful. (This eventually gives her the ability to release akuma herself just like hawk moth)

Secret weapon: Blade of Venom(lethally poisonous charm she puts on her throwing knives). Regeneration (can regrow limb and heal open wounds in mere seconds) this makes her extremely hard to kill and/or injure.

Relationships: She is closest to Adrian as a friend, protecting him from danger. She secretly hates Marinette/ladybug for the way she treats Chat Noir, saying that she's only kind to those to make up for being cruel at heart. She also has a strange frienamies with benifits relationship with a classmate by the name of Alexander Blake Pippen who is also an OC miraculous holder (not my OC), to whom is the only one she shows her true violent nature towards due to his ability to see through her kind extirior.

Extra: due to being a sadist, she secretly wants to hurt all of her loved ones in some way (physically, mentally, spiritually... etc.)

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