Ok so i've come up with the owner of the peacock miraculous and i've named her colette moneau. She's 15 and she was sent to her uncles mansion to live in (btw her uncle is gabriel agreste) after her mother adele and her father garrot got into a car accident and passed away. I'm thinking that she joins the team in the christmas special. She gets her miraculous by returning it to the master, after rescuing it after natalie mistakes it for being some cheap box and throws it out. When colette opens the box, she finds the peacock miraculous inside. she also finds an adress, leading to the masters home. She returns it to him, and tells her that her aunt mrs. agreste had been the original owner of the miraculous, but vanished for unknown reasons and he thought that the peacock miraculous was gone as well. Seeing the good in colette, the master gives her the peacock miraculous and she is now the next peacock! She also meets her kwami, Mimmi who explains everything to colette. Colette's power include hydrokenises, flight, and her weapon is a kitanna (it's a type of sword). I have created her costume and i have many more characters as well to share!

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