Hello everyone. I've been on this Wikia since February of 2017 with several of my MLB OCs, and I remember activity on this site "peaking" (well, I can't really say peaking, as people have been on here much longer than me and I don't actually know when the pinnacle of activity occured) around spring with new OCs, fanons, etc... being created and edited. Nowadays, all I see when I check in here are comments on Ladynoir or Ladrien or just some ship between LB/Mari or CN/Adrien. I don't have anything against this -- by all means, you're free to do whatever you want on here -- but I'm hoping for a revival of some sort amongst the MLB Fanon community. There have been so little new ideas and OCs being posted on here, excluding me and a few others. Now, I understand that we all have lives outside of this show and the internet, but I would just love to see more involvement and interaction between members and editors and more than just comments and opinions on ship pages. Really hope that Season 2 will reignite the MLB fanon spark...

P.S.: I personally feel like this Wikia needs some improvement in terms of structure, organization, and professionalism. If any of you reading this are admins of some sort, may I ask for admin status on this site as well?

P.P.S.: I'd love to see new faces and characters! If you know anyone who has Miraculous OCs and stories of their own (or if you yourself fit the criteria), it would be great if they could post their ideas on here. :) New MLB fans are welcome as well!

-- Chechensichkeria

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