Welcome to Miraculous Files! Here you can find my thoughts about my own works. You may also find ideas that may or may be of benefit to you (usually it do not). If an idea interested you and it didn't appear in my fanfiction, feel free to ask me to adopt it. The files are numbered in pages for easy tracking. Let's start!

November 9, 2017

  • After a few weeks of almost no access to the wikia, I finally managed to get some time to do some minor edits. Really, they are  just minor. 
  • I changed the superhero name of my OC to differentiate her to an existing namesake. Instead of Phoenix, I decided to use Suzaku, the Japanese name for the Vermillion Bird from the Four Symbols of Chinese Constellations. Why? First, because of its similarity to the mythical being we know as the Phoenix. Second, it is from the language of the country where my OC is curently taking permanent residence. 
  • I was thinking of putting up Miraculous holders based on the other three Symbols: Byakko, Seiryuu, and Genbu. I might be able to pull the first two but not Genbu, seeing that it's a combination of many creatures. However, this is still undecided and likely not going to happen as it might heavily affect the heirachy of power of the kwamis and their Miraculouses.
  • I was thinking of adding a letter to Sofia's name though, it kinda looked a bit...strange? I haven't decided yet.
  • No changes to Corbeau's name. I don't care if it even breaks the double letter rule. The name is too cool to be changed. 
  • I wanted to write Chapter 3 for my fanfiction however, I haven't found the motivation to do so. The ideas were kinda cliché and boring. Plus, I haven't published the chapters that I was SUPPOSED to publish for my other fanfictions.
  • I haven't even started the side story, A Single Bluebell. Honestly, what am I even doing?
  • I am still undecided in making a side story about the past two Phoenix Miraculous holders. If I do, I will probably show their connections to the former holders of other Miraculouses. 
  • An origins story sounds good too.
  • I am thinking of drawing my characters though, I am not that good if I say so myself. I am more efficient in drawing by hand than digital. I should probably just scan the drawings before posting it. May took some time though. Or...I should probably find someone better to draw for me.

Ayaharu, signing off~

"Stop gawking and start reading."

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