(UPDATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) Hey there everyone! 

I'd like to start with how is everyone doing? I myself am doing pretty good. 

however i'm writing this to get some help on a few characters that i'm creating.  

My main problem is the special powers,  i have 3 characters 

1.} Kenna Devereux, she's the holder of a new Moth Miraculous. She goes by the alies Clymene, because her Kwami looks like the Clymene Haploa Moth, her name is Teeny. Kenna's miraculous is a ring, her weapon is a folding fan(s)special power Winged Allure- Allows her to bend the will of someone through a magical stimulated means of pleasure and seduction, although it drains her powers and reverts her back to Kenna shortly afterwards.

2.} Lottie Martin, she's the holder of the Sloth Miraculous. I haven't worked out an alies for her yet. Her Kwami looks like a sloth, his name is Boop. Lottie's miraculous is her necklace. Her weapon is a war hammer(Maybe tell me your opinions guys), special power Surprising Burst- Allows her five minutes of super speed, until she reverts back to her civillian self.

3.} Ava Felix , she's the holder of the Spider Miraculous. I'm thinking Velvet Spider. Her Kwami looks like a Velvet Underground spider, his name is Zummie. Ava's miraculous is a silver arm band. As for her weapon/item i still don't know, special power is called Hide and Seek(might try for something better) it allows her to tern invisable for a few minutes before she reverts back to Ava.


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