The Golfer appears in the episode, the Golf Brothers, the third episode in the series with the first being Cardboard Copy and the second being Cammo, blend in!. The Golfer appears alongside his brother, Golf Driver. The Golfer was Akumatised after falling out with his brother over a game of golf, his brother took the golf cart they'd previously shared. The golfer can throw golf clubs like javelins, launch balls (that appear in front of him) at high speed (the extent of his accuracy is never shown as he's only shown attacking targets a short distance away). And can make various parts of golf course appear in mid-air (although only a water hazard is shown). He can also 'penalise' two items from an opponent who gets something in the water hazard and use those items against them. The Golfer is defeated when Ladybug uses her yo-yo to close the top of their golf bag stopping him from drawing a new golf club

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