The Fashionester is the fifth episode in it's series. The first is Cardboard Copy. The second is Cammo, blend in!. The third is the Golf Brothers. The fourth is Second Skin. In the Fashionester, Marinette is Akumatised into the title villain and tries to discover the identity of Adrien's true love so they can destroy them (unaware that Adrien's true love is actually Ladybug). Adrien recognises them as Ladybug but not as Marinette despite them looking much more like Marinette than Ladybug. This is Lady Wifi's first (full) episode as a hero and it introduces their villain text alert and their transformation sequence. Lady Wifi's range of launchable icons is increased to include an unlock icon which they (unsuccessfully) attempt to use to free themselves from one of the Fashionester's tiara traps. Trivia: the first episode where a Miraculous user is Akumatised; the second episode where the villain de-transforms without the Akumatised object being destroyed; the Fashionester doesn't attack anyone other than Lady Wifi and Cat Noir and they don't appear on the news, Lady Wifi's text alert activates as soon as the Akumatisation is comple, unless they attacked someone else off-screen or been on an un-shown news report.

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