The Fashionester is the Akumatised form of Marinette. She is Akumatised right after taking off the Ladybug Miraculous. Her Akumatised object is her handbag. As the Fashionester, she can draw many fashion-based weapons from her handbag including: hairclips with retractable keys that fit any lock; watches that tighten around their victims; tiaras that snap shut and are immune to all electric-based things; belt grappling hooks (that she uses like her yo-yo); and various types of hats that work as spinning discs, blades and boomerangs. She keeps the Ladybug Miraculous in her handbag. Marinette was Akumatised after using a walkie-talkie to listen in on Adrien and hear him talk about his true love (who turns out to be Ladybug). The Fashionester de-transforms after realising her mistake. She hides in a tree while changing from the Fashionester to Marinette and then to Ladybug.

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