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Taria Maneval is a student at Collège Françoise Dupont who holds the Puma Miraculous. Or rather, she wears it. She also has an older sister; Kaitlyn .


Taria is an active girl and a lover of sports. She is bouncy, outgoing, and always willing to help out others. She's defensive in both civilian and costumed form, and is braver then average.

While in Lionne's form, her bravery and protectiveness are magnified, and she is willing to put herself in danger to keep others safe, regardless of what she faces by doing so. She is many times stronger and faster with the help of Kaari, her kwami, in costume, though she is more agile then average even without superpowers.


Taria is short with slightly tanned skin. Her dark red hair is held high on her head in two ponytails on the sides, and crowning her head is always a pair of leather goggles; secretly the Miraculous. Her golden-brown eyes are bright and she is often seen with a smile. She wears a light brown sweater, tattered jeans and shoes worn from running. 

As Lionne, her goggles are flipped down over her eyes, her hair is unaltered (though she does have large brown cat ears sitting on her head while in costume), and her outfit is replaced with a brown skin-tight suit that reaches from her fingers to her feet, the color being the same as her goggles. A darker brown belt wraps around her waist and hangs out the back like a tail, similar to Cat Noir's. Her weapon of choice is a dull iron sword, too dull to cut anything, but with Lionne's sword arm, it hits fierce.

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