Second Skin is the fourth episode of it's series. The first is Cardboard Copy. The second is Cammo, blend in!. The third is the Golf Brothers. This is the third episode of the series to feature Lila and the second to focus on her. Having found out in the previous episode that Marinette is Ladybug, Lila uses her Lady Wifi form to break into Adrien's bedroom (unaware that he's Cat Noir) and uses her Darkblade form to knight him. She then disguises herself as Adrien and gets the real Adrien tied up and locked in the basement. She then goes to school but uses her Simon Says form to get Adrien's bodyguard to not arrive to pick them up. As Adrien again, she enters the school and starts lightly wooing Marinette. After school, Lila points out that Adrien's bodyguard hasn't come to pick them up and somehow, Marinette manages to agree to let them stay at her house. As they walk across the road, some pigeons fly over. Alya reminds Marinette that Adrien's allergic to pigeon feathers (as seen in Mister Pigeon) and Marinette shoos them away. Lila asks why and Marinette and Alya look at each other knowing something's not right but neither says anything. Later inside Marinette's room, Lila notices Marinette's earrings and realises that they're her Miraculous. Lila immediately creates an earring from thin air and presents it as a gift suggesting Marinette wears it. After looking in her bag to see Tikki nod, Marinette agrees and climbs up to her bed so her friends won't see her Miraculous change colour. After taking off her earrings, a pigeon flies through an open window and a feather falls on Lila's nose. After Alya points out Adrien's allergic, she pretends to sneeze but quickly gives up continuing to pretend to be Adrien and changes to her Puppeteer form and turns Alya to Lady Wifi. She then grabs the Ladybug Miraculous then turns Marinette to Ladybug using the Ladybug puppet. She then activates the Cat Noir puppet turning Adrien into Cat Noir but because he was already a knight she doesn't get control of him. Cat Noir then gets out of the basement by stating that he'd been turned into a knight and Ladybug must have defeated the real villain. He then crossed to find Lila (still as the Puppeteer) riding one of Lady Wifi's fast forward icons with Lady Wifi and Ladybug on another 2. He used Cataclysm on the Puppeteer's staff breaking Lila's control of Lady Wifi and Ladybug. Lila escapes but Alya retains her Lady Wifi form as an app and agrees to help Ladybug and Cat Noir.

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