[Middle of Pais]

(After Defeating The Trofifa They were reworded

Queen b: (whispered in Rena rouges ear)Your a terrible superhero

Rena Rouge: Ha wa (She disappeared)

[On a roof]

(Rena Rouge Crying

{Hawk moth lair}-1

Ah a superhero been dis leaded out of the group What such amazing prey for my evil akuma

(An akuma goes into her flute)

Hawk moth: Dark fox I'le give you the power of darkness to heek revenge for a thather.

Rena rouge:That sounds like revenge.

(Terns into Dark Fox)Dark Fox: Yes (Evil Laughing)

{Middle of Paris}

Rena Rouge:Queen B Time for you to pay (Rena Rouge uses her flute to turn Queen B into dust)

Queen B:Ha... No...

Rena Rouge: Ladybug, Cat noir Give me your miraculouses of tern to dust.


{Hawk Moths lair}

Hawk Moth: Grrrr... No.. Some day I will get your miraculouses some day (he Yelled)

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