Scarlet Chaput/Black Witch is a fanon character created by Speedy Sketch, co-created by Miraculous Cora Zone.

Bio Edit

Scarlet was transferred to Collège Françoise Dupont after a certain unspoken incident.

(more to be revealed when comic comes out)

Appearance Edit

Civilian: utility jacket, white t shirt, ripped jeans, combat boots, beanie

short dark red hair (dyed), hazel eyes

super villain: dark ripped cloak, mask, leotard, cuffs, knee high boots

violet hair, blue eyes

Powers Edit

Absorbing negative energy

Weapons Edit

akuma scythe


Personality Edit

civilian: cool headed, distant, doesn't show much emotion

super villain: Cocky, Manipulative, hot headed

Relationships Edit

Anastasia Heartwood/Jewel Beetle Edit

Nathanaël Kurtzberg/Evillustrator Edit

Hawk Moth Edit

Trivia Edit

-Is totally the best and most awesome character EVER!!!

Quotes Edit

"[To Jewel Beetle] You don’t deserve the sweet relief of death… but the pain of loss”

"[To Anastasia] Did you just make a lame pun?"