Rory Bustier (full name Rory Archibald William Nightingale Bustier III) is an Australian exchange student at College Francoise Dupont and Miss Bustier's nephew. Rory is loud, enthusiastic and constantly bursting with excitement. He owns the rare Knight Miraculous, a watch, which transforms him into Knight Light. His akumatized form is called Knightmare. Rory is also Sabrina's love intrest.

Appearance Edit

Physical Appearance Edit

Rory is the same height as Sabrina, has wavy brown hair and green eyes.

Civilian Attire Edit

Rory usually wears a red and green striped t-shirt with blue shorts and white sandshoes.

As Knight Light Edit

Rory's Knight Light costume is similar to Darkblade's, except light silver and no helmet.

Akumatized Edit

Knightmare is very similar to Rory's Knight Light costume, but black and violet instead of light silver. He also wears a silver mask similar to Cat Noir's.

Abilities Edit

As Knight Light Edit

Knight Light can glow in the dark and create an energy shield. His Miraculous power lets him break anything he touches, and then rebuild it into anything he needs.

As Knightmare Edit

Knightmare is one of the most powerful villains, being able to overthrow Hawkmoth. He can shoot lasers from his hands and can akumatize people, just like Hawkmoth.

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