Appearance Edit

The Rabbit Miraculous in its idle form is a pink bracelet with a small rabbit logo engraved on it. The kwami itself is a small pink creature bearing the features of a rabbit ๐Ÿ‡: long ears, cottontail, and buck teeth. Much like the animal itself, the kwami is timid and cautious of its surroundings, but once comfortable they are anxious and energetic. Did I mention that the kwami is a serious vegan? Lettuce, Celery, Fruits, and the occasional pellets, hay, and grass . . . but God forbid you to deprive our little rabbit friend of their daily greens!

Abilities Edit

  • Super Jump: Much like the animal itself, the Miraculous wielder will have the ability to jump great heights.
  • Super Speed: The Miraculous wielder will be given incredible speed, useful when trying to dodge enemy attacks or simply confuse them of the wielder's whereabouts . . . perfect for sneak attacks.
  • Enhanced Vision: Since rabbits eat kale and spinach which helps the eyesight, the Miraculous wielder will have their vision enhanced which will allow them to look further into the distance. This will come in handy when spotting akumas in the area.
  • Enhanced Hearing: Thanks to the rabbit's long ears, the Miraculous wielder will have the ability to hear things from far distances. For example, school bells, fire alarms, bank alarms, etc.

Trivia Edit