Paruu (redesign)..
Gender Male
Personal Status
Residence Paris, France
Likes Cherimoya


Paruu is the kwami of Inna Siyanitsa, he is a little leopard with an outgoing and carefree (plus sarcastic) attitude.

Info Edit

Paruu is a little leopard kwami that adores cherimoya fruit and being active, constantly "pestering" Inna for walks or a ride on her bike, he loves being energetic and going to ballet classes that Inna attends, he also loves joining her when she goes to the gym.


Paruu looks like a leopard cub (a little bit smaller) he is the size of plagg but a little bit taller, he has some spots near his eyes and mouth and a little tuft of hair.

Paruu (redesign)..



He is very outgoing and carefree, very energetic, obvious and sarcastic. As outgoing as he may seem he likes to use sarcastic remarks from time to time (Inna adores it but doesn't admit it), he is also very obvious, when he is lying he is obvious or when he sneaks out with a treat, Inna brushes it off but when it's something important there is always enough Cherimoya fruit to bribe him.


Paruu is very fond of Inna even if she doesn't really accept him as her kwami, he understands the struggles she has to go through and really almost always tries to help her, he is very distant from other kwamis, not really socializing with them much, he has always preferred a humans company over his own species for an apparent reason and he knows it's dangerous.


  • Cherimoya is his favorite fruit
  • He loves running and/or going on bike rides
  • Can't lie at all
  • He loves 80s music
  • He supports Inna in her decisions but he has to be the voice of reason in some situations


"We can't skip leg day!"

"Cherimoya ain't working today on me!"

"If only closed minds came with closed mouths" 

ThatCasualWolf is the owner of this character

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