Olivia is a Chinese-Italian student who transferred recently to reconnect with her father. She has an alter-ego named Yin Yang, a superhero with the power to heal.

Appearance Edit

Olivia has straight black hair that flows to her lower back and side bang. She usually wears a white T-shirt over a black singlet, a black purse and black jeggings with canary yellow Mary-Janes. She has pale skin and a few freckles.

In superhero form, she has a mask that is half light and half dark, meeting in the middle as a yin yang symbol, with a long-sleeved white shirt with a black collar, black gloves, a black skirt and black boots over white leggings.

She usually has white nun-chucks at her waist, a yin-yang at the base of each handle.

Skills and Abilities Edit

Olivia is a brilliant photographer and loves to capture every touching moment. She has relatively good technology and artistic skills, but can often lose it over the topic. She sometimes forgets she is talking in difficult terms and is working on controlling it.

As Yin Yang, she is even more agile and can jump supernatural distances. Her nun-chucks are magically infinite, so she can leap away like Ladybug. Her special power is the Peace of Chi, which allows her to blast any weapons- including her comrades' but not her own- in the vicinity out of the area, but only for a short time before they materialize back in the owner's hand. It lets her partners capture the akuma before the two-minute timer runs out.

Relationships Edit

Marinette Dupain-Cheng/Ladybug Edit

Olivia has a positive relationship with Marinette, the bluenette being Olivia's first friend upon arrival. She shares almost all her secrets with her, and trusts her with her life.

A rift formed in their friendship when Evillustrator revealed his crush on Marinette and asked Olivia for relationship advice, as he had read her and Alya's blog every day, as Olivia had a strong infatuation with him. The rift eventually healed.

With Ladybug, she strives to protect her, seeing Chat Noir's flirting as a distraction from the akuma and a reminder of her former partner in Shanghai. She has an impulse to protect people, especially fellow heroes, but deep down knows that sometimes she must step back and let other people fight their own battles, even if it is her best heroic friend.

Nathaniel Kurtzberg/Evillustrator Edit

Olivia has a crush the size of New York City on Nathaniel. She was initially cautious because his appearance reminded her of her nemesis, but grew to accept it and gifted his hairclip, which he uses to hold his bangs up, to him. She was barely contributing to the battle against the Evillustrator, too afraid she would hurt him, that she was incapacitated in a glass box during her distraction.


Kai Lyon/Red Long Edit

Kai was her former crush in Shanghai, at Zhao Pian Academy. She had fifty pictures of him and, like Marinette, a detailed schedule of his timetable. His teal eyes, pale complexion and scarlet hair led him to many fangirls, a consequence of being an actor.

Red Long had the exact same attitude towards Yin Yang that Chat had to Ladybug- flirty. She accepted it and brushed it off, but when he revealed his true intentions with his miraculous, she fought him despite the consequences. Ten people were injured in the battle, and Yin Yang herself walked away with a scarred arm.

However, she managed to convince him to use his miraculous for good again. Before anything could happen, a building fell and Long 'sacrificed his life' to stop it with his power, turning the building into many pebbles but being buried.

As dragons could shapeshift, he used weakened strength to turn into a mouse and skitter out. Yin Yang was oblivious and helped erect a statue in his memory.

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