Miraculous Ladybug
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Miraculous Ladybug
Oh, Emma.

—Missy, to Emma

Missy is a kwami that inhabits the Tigripus Miraculous, and its owner can use the Tigripus clip to transform into a tiger and octopus themed superhero. The current owner of Missy and the Miraculous is Emma Leroy.


Missy is a kwami that has a large head and small body, like most kwami. She has deep blue eyes and a white coat with pink stripes. Her tail has four octopus tentacles.


Missy is a very supportive and creative friend of Emma, and helps her with shoe-designing and encourages Emma to be unique.

However, she can be a bit stubborn at times, due to Emma's dismay.


Missy can fly, levitate, pass through physical objects, and transform a Miraculous holder, just like the other kwami.

She is also able to sense a future or past version of herself or Emma, like Tikki can. Missy can possibly carry heavy objects and see what her wearer is doing while transformed.


Emma LeroyEdit

Missy is Emma's kwami, and also her closest friend. Missy supports Emma of her actions and helps her, although she disagrees sometimes and explains her reasonings. 


  • The name Missy means "bee", but Missy is the kwami for the Tigripus kwami, not the bee kwami.

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