The Miracle Stone Guardians and Members

The Miracle Stone Guardians is a group originally formed by Master Fu, the late guardian of the miraculouses. Before he passed on, he selected five lucky future heroes to protect the miraculouses and take on his overbearing task as the guardian. The group consists of Charlotte Blohm, or Ladybug, who is the leader. By her side is her right-hand man and equal partner, the expert in combat Chat Moid, also known as Emma Agreste. As well as Emma, there is her younger brother Louis, also known as Ladybeetle, as he possesses one of the two Ladybug earrings. Following is Queen Bee, also known as Nina Johnson. The five make up the unlikely group known as the Miracle Stone Guardians.

Group Orgins

Shortly after the final battle between Marinette Dupain-Cheng and Adrien Agreste, Master Fu formed the Miracle Stone Guardians - which was destined to be a group of elite and brace miraculous wilders. Shortly before he passed on, he scattered the remaining miraculouses before Xavier Agreste could get his hands on them. This resulted in five different miraculous holders from around the world. Though he may not be present any longer, Master Fu died knowing the group would be a great success and a benefit to all of Paris.

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