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Miraculous: Tales of the lost heroes is a fanfiction written by Katty Dao. It tells about the lost miraculouses and their present holders.

Characters Edit

Main characters:

Bob Dexterson/Black Bull

Lily Rossi/ Poulette

Lionel Starer/Golden Lion

Ben Kubbel / Grizzly

Stella Suzuki / Carnarda

Unknown kwamis

Guest Characters:

Claud Kurtzberg/Mime Kid/ Sparrow (akumatized)

Melanie Bourgeois / Melodie

Allen Lahiffe / Mecury

Bridgette Cheng / Ladybug Clone

Felix Agreste/ Chat Noir Clone

Bethany Bourgeois/ Queen Bee Clone

Amiya Césaire/ Volphina Clone

Unknown kwamis

Tikki clone

Plagg clone

Bebee clone

Trixx clone

Recurring characters:

Marinette Cheng / Ladybug

Adrien Agreste / Chat Noir

Alya Césaire / Volphina

Chloe Bourgeois / Chloe Bourgeois

Nino Lahiffe / Jade Turtle









Hawk Moth

Le Paon

Style Queen

The Collecter


Akumatized villians

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