Miraculous: Desendants is about the stories of how the desendants of the present miraculous holders get their miraculous.

NOTE: This is a Katty.ect work. Do not edit unless you are a Katty.ect staff, given permission by Katty Dao.

Characters Edit

Main characters:

Emma Mimosa Agreste (aka Ladybug Jr)

Louis Peter Agreste (aka Chat Noir Jr)

Hugo Jacobe Agreste (aka Papillion Jr)

Recuring characters:

Alisa Lahiffe ( aka Volphina Jr )

Alise Lahiffe ( aka Jade Turtle Jr )

Jessica Kurtzberg ( aka Queen Bee Jr )

Selina Raincomprix ( aka Le Paon Jr )

Marinette Agreste

Adrien Agreste

Alya Lahiffe

Nino Lahiffe

Sabrina Raincomprix

Chloe Kurtzberg

Nathaniel Kurtzberg

the Bourgeois sisters ( Amber, Sophia ( fashion Chloe), Bethany ( yellow Chloe ), Cellinette (white Chloe), and the oldest, Melanie ( Melodie ).

and many other characters comin' soon, wether if they are fanon or canon.

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