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Mirabelle Brodeur is a civilian girl who, after being wrongly accused of something (currently) unknown, turns into The Seamstress, a girl with a sharp anger and even sharper needles.


Mirabelle is considered friendly and caring by her friends and even strangers that she's helped. She loves sewing and often makes little accessories or dolls in her spare time. She also loves music and will listen to songs on her phone while working.

As The Seamstress, she turns against her friends and even her heroes, Ladybug and Cat Noir. She first targets the person that caused her akumatization, hitting him/her with one of her magic needles, then proceeds to go after everyone near her, throwing her weapons in a fan formation. She can act overconfident at times, but doesn't boast; she seemingly enjoys taking control of people, but doesn't go looking for a fight.


As Mirabelle, she has soft blue eyes and wavy brown hair that reaches just past her shoulders. She wears a sleeveless red-&-black striped shirt, which is quite possibly a reference to Ladybug, as well as loose gray pants and blue sneakers. She is usually seen carrying a messenger bag, which contains all of her crafting supplies along with various other things.

Her appearance as The Seamstress has yet to be determined.


  • Her French name is Docteur Sorcière, meaning "Witch Doctor"; this is most likely a hint to her abilities, which border on voodoo.
  • This character started as an idea after I finished my Cat Noir doll and started my Ladybug doll, and I figured that it was different enough to work.
  • As said in the info box, inspiration was taken from The Puppeteer (because of her method of fighting), and from Kung Food (as she draws most of her weapons from her bag).

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