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My fate will roar out a bellowing snowstorm!!

—Louis' roll call after transforming

Louis Maximilian Agreste is one of the five core characters prominently featured in Miraculous: Celestial Guardians.

Despite his distant and blunt attitude, he often shows a softer side towards his younger sister. He's also the eldest son of Adrien Agreste and Marinette Dupain-Cheng. The necklace has the pendant of his kwami, Glayzz, in which he becomes the Lynx.

Appearance Edit

General Appearance Edit

Louis stands in as the oldest among the group. Having his father's blonde hair, the young artist follows his personal choosing of maintaining a slicked-back manner with a few strands falling on his forehead. He inherited his mother's blue eyes that adapted to his stoic and cold demeanor.

He wears a lion-shaped pendant necklace around his neck that was given to him by his mom as a gift for his 5th birthday.

Primary Attire Edit


As Lynx Edit


Personality Edit


Power & Abilities Edit

  • Athleticism:
  • Academical Knowledge:

  • Ice & Snow Manipulation:
    • Boreas Clones:
  • Cold Resistance:

Trivia Edit


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