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—Louis' transformation phrase

Just because you're my little sister doesn't mean I wont go easy on you. The purpose of this training is to simulate how dire our cause can be, and to show your enemy the necessary level of ferocity to push them back.

—Louis to Emma

Fight!! Don't just stand there and defend. Fight like your life is about to end!!

—Louis, to Emma during training.

I'm aware that I lack the near-invulnerability feature like Ladybug and Cat Noir, but it's what you can do that counts, not the perks of being a superhero.

—Lynx, to Biphron

Louis Maximilian Agreste is one of the main heroes in Miraculous: Celestial Guardians.

Dead-serious and strict, Louis is currently the de facto leader of the Celestial Guardians and upholds his crucial responsibility as their superior with utmost seriousness. Outside of his superhero business, Louis, still haunted by flashes of an incident that happened two years ago, developed a slightly cynical viewpoint of being a Miraculous owner, and out of the safety of his new recruits, has sporadically disapproved the rookies in taking on a number of missions that he deems them as dangerous for their caliber.

With the Lynx Miraculous embedded into the center of a fingerless glove, and with Taigga, the Kwami of Solitude, inhabiting the jewel upon transformation, he dons the identity of Lynx, the Arctic Savage.

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Louis seems to have more of his grandfather's nature than either parent, although he occasionally shows his softer side as the story goes on.


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  • Academic Erudition: Louis is vastly knowledgeable about a number of topics and subjects, as proven by his astounding ranking in the college he's currently studying in. He is capable of hatching unorthodoxed strategies during a fight with either a Yuma or a Homunculus, molding him as an important player to the Celestial Guardians. Surprisingly, the only thing he lacks knowledge about is fashion, which he finds it rather paradoxical to his tastes and would often seek the advise of his girlfriend or his mom.
  • Artistic Proficiency: ....
  • Tactical Intelligence: As mentioned before, Louis is the type of person who has the brainpower to create strategies while keeping his toe on the fight with the enemy. His methods mostly involve a quick analysis of his surroundings, opting to make use of whatever objects he can find to be of good use to him.
  • Proficiency in Hand-to-Hand Combat</br>: ...

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