The Lion Miraculous is a cuff bracelet where Leo inhabits within. Whenever the holder possesses the Miraculous, it will transform them into a lion-themed superhero, who sympolizes power and bravery. Its current holder is Lionel Oshiba , a Japanese-American student attending Lycée-Collège Montaigne in France.


The Lion Miraculous is a golden open-wide cuff bracelet that is mostly worn on the left wrist of the holder. The Miraculous has large octagon-shaped gemstone which is in a clear color when not in use. However, when Leo goes inside of the bracelet's jewel to start the transformation, its color changes into orange and a silhouette of a lion's head appears. As the holder starts losing his power, the jewel starts flashing along with a beeping sound as a reminder that its power has its limit use.


The Lion Miraculous grants its user incredible abilites such as super strength, enhanced roar, enhanced hearing and agility. Its weapon is called the Lion Charm which an unbreakble yo-yo weapon similar to Ladybug's weapon, however it contains a superpower called the Lion's Flame, which allows the Lion Charm engulf in flames and produce stronger attacks. Also, the wielder possesses fire-based abilities and is often used for hand combat as an alternative to the Lion Charm. However, the Lion's Flame causes the hero's power to run out in five minutes, undoing the transformation, while using just his regular flame-based powers for standard combat doesn't affect the transformation.

List of WieldersEdit

  • Ancient Greek Lionheart - Greece
  • Ancient Egyptian Lionheart - Egypt
  • Sir Richard I of England - England
  • Masamune Date - Japan
  • Anasa the Warrior Lion - Kenya


  • Lions are mostly used in many mythologies from all over the world, also in African folklore. The symbolic meaning that these large beasts have is power, courage, dignity, wisdom, and justice.
  • Most of the users of the Lion Miraculous are located all over the world, except for China.
  • Although most users use the Lion Charm as a weapon, including Lionel, the third holder and the fifth holders use different weapons such as swords and bladed spears to battle.
  • The heroes that used the Lion Miraculous are all males, like how the users of the Ladybug Miraculous are all females.