This page is about the Dark Lady's Miraculous-like bracelet. For the relationship see the Ladynoir.

The LadyNoir is a powerful weapon, simular to the Miraculouses, that looks like a bracelet. It turns anyone who touches it into the Dark Lady; or a lesser Dark Lady (simular to a clone) if there's already a the Dark Lady. The LadyNoir was made before the Miraculouses except the Ape Miraculous which was a prototype. The Miraculouses were created to battle the Dark Lady. The LadyNoir was made by the person as the Miraculouses, it seems they didn't know of the Dark Lady's intentions for it. The LadyNoir can only be destroyed by Monkey Commander in a precise spot about 100 miles North-West of Paris using a move called Attack of Destiny which creates a hole to the Earth's core. The LadyNoir shares many characteristics of a Miraculous but isn't one because it can only be used for villainy.

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