About Edit

  • Kita is the arctic fox kwami and was found by Norwegian resident, Cajsa Blomqvist. The kwami has had a rough history of masters and mistresses down the years, her last being a German captain named Cpt. Abbe Meyer, who treated her well, using the powers she bestowed upon him through the miraculous for good. However, this relationship was rather shortlived as during a great storm in 1850, Captain Meyer's galleon was lost to the sea, wrecking off the coast of Norway. Over time, Kita and the hairpin ended up buried in ice, maybe for all eternity, until one fateful day, she was found by her current master, Cajsa. Kita often is plagued by haunting visions of the glory days and often yearns to be back out at sea, but she tries her best to be there for Cajsa and help the heroine develop in her skills.

Appearance Edit

  • Kita appears as a small white fox with tall, triangular ears, a stubby muzzle, short limbs, a white fluffy ruff, long white bushy tail and yellow eyes with black slit pupils.