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Kaitlyn Maneval is a student at Collège Françoise Dupont and is Taria's older sister.

Personality/Story Edit

Kaitlyn is energetic and caring, as well as bouncy and outgoing, just like her sister, Taria. She writes both stories and music, and like Nino, is a DJ in her spare time. She owns a cat named Nightingale, who she adores with all her heart and takes with her everywhere, except school and a few other places. She's rarely embarrassed in public, and even though when it happens it's usually enough to make her shy away from others, it wears off quickly, especially when she's around friends.

Appearance Edit

Kaitlyn is tall, unlike her sister, with pale to average skin. Her long red hair matches Tari's in color, but Kaitlyn prefers hers down, while Tari pulls hers back into ponytails. Kaitlyn's eyes are crystal blue, much like her mother's. She wears a light blue shirt with medium sleeves and a lavender overcoat, with light gray pants and brown leather knee-high boots. When she goes to parties or dresses as DJ Kitkat, her 'alter ego', she wears the same overcoat and boots, but with a ladybug-styled t-shirt (red with black dots) and pale blue jeans, along with her headphones, which are a blend of blues and purples of various shades. She also wears one fingerless glove on her left hand, even though she's right-handed, which is black on the outside and neon green on the inside, which may represent Cat Noir since both her and Taria are huge fans of him and Ladybug, though it could represent her cat, Nightingale, who has a night black pelt and bright green eyes., 

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