Kailey Desrosiers is a fanon OC created by tumblr user and drawn by trainersheels. Kailey lived on the Mediterranean island of Malta until recently, where she then moved to Paris, France in hopes of more after-graduate pathways. She aims to be a professional rock climber and stunts woman . When her magical hair clip is inhabited by a kwami named Sovva, Kailey gains the power of protection and guardianship, and can transform into the northern white faced owl themed superhero, Chouette.


Kailey is half-French and half-Maltese. She has dark brown eyes, espresso brown hair that is worn out and falls straight down to her collarbone, and Mediterranean tanned skin. Her skin is embellished with numerous amounts of scars, scrapes and bruises which she collects from rock climbing. Furthermore, thanks to her history of rock climbing, she has very strong and toned arms, forearms and shoulders, thigh muscles, good core strength, strong back and neck muscles, and amazing control over her heart rate and breathing.

She wears a dark grey Soybu Angie Tank Top[1] which in the colder months is topped with a light teal coloured Mountain Hardwear Finder Jacket[2]. For pants she wears a cargo green prAna Jasmine Knicker[3], as well as unlined leather climbing shoes[4] adorning her feet. She also wears a hair pin that is shaped like a honey locust tree leaf, which is bronze when not holding Sovva. Additionally, around her waist is a black belt which holds a chalk bag and a Swiss army knife.[5] Also, she wears a brown leather satchel around her right shoulder which for the most part carries her rock climbing gear, but also keeps food, water, a first aid kit, bug repellent, as well as other bits and bobs.

As Chouette she has dark amber sclerae, lighter amber iris, and large black pupils. Her her turns to a lighter brown colour and emblazoned with ash grey streaks. Along with her hair being in a messier state, it is also decorated with ash grey ear tufts on the top of her head (like Chat Noir's ears) however unlike Chat Noir's fake ears, hers are real. Her mask...

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