Jane Martin is the holder of the Fish Miraculous, from Australia, and also the Original Character of RingleadzBBY. Her Miraculous was a gift her uncle in France gave her for her 14th birthday. Her Miraculous is a white and blue bejeweled hairclip that's inhabited by Jane's Kwami, Aqae.

Appearance Edit

In her civilan form, Jane Martin is 14 year old girl with medium length wavy brown hair and blue-grey eyes. She wears a black t-shirt with the Ladybug symbol on it, with a purple hoodie over it. She also wears a matching purple skirt with light blue leggings underneath. Her shoes are white high-tops with black laces. In her superhero form, she wears a turquoise suit with yellow stripes, and sky blue patches, along with a matching turquoise mask with yellow stripes and dark blue boots. Also, in her superhero form, the pearl on her hairclip gains a bubble pattern.

Personality Edit

Normally, Jane is flighty, distracting, and slightly immature. She constantly makes puns and jokes, and is the silliest out of her and her friends. As Poisson, she's a quick thinker, fast on her feet, and tries her best to keep everyone calm. Sometimes, her civillian personality will show, and she'll occasionally joke around, but will soon be brought back to the task at hand by her partner, King Krab.

Relationships Edit

Aqae Edit

Aqae keeps Jane on track and undistracted, and is always positive. She'll usually give Jane guidance if she's having trouble with her superhero and normal problems, and is full of useful advice in general.

Mark Alecson/King Krab Edit

King Krab is not only Poisson's smart and focused partner, but he's also her old friend, Mark Alecson. It's possible that King Krab may have a crush on Poisson, but it's not completely obvious yet, and Jane/Poisson is yet to realise.

Bryan Martin/The Former King Krab Edit

Bryan Martin is Jane's uncle, and the former holder of the Crab Miraculous. He originally had the task of assigning people their Miraculouses, but soon had to give up his role. The last person he assigned a Miraculous to was Mark Alecson. He was the person who sent Jane her Miraculous.

Trivia Edit

  • When she first met Aqae, she tried to put her in a fish tank.
  • She also ran from King Krab, thinking he was a mutant.
  • Her ability, Tsunami, once washed King Krab down a drain.
  • She really likes pizza.
  • Her superhero name in English is literally 'Fish'.
  • What Tsunami does is summon a small wave to temporarily immobilize the akumatized villain.
  • She's really paranoid of her arch-nemesis, Cloud Leopard.