Igor is a 16-year-old English-French student of College Francoise Dupont.He has a Kwami named Eglar.

Appearance- Edit

As himself,Igor has neck-length black hair and bright green eyes.He wears a black short-sleeved shirt with a white hoodie over it.He has blue jeans and black and white air-max trainers.He wears a silver pendant in the shape of a wing,and Eglar lives in that.As the Brown Eagle,Igor's hair gets brown tips.He wears a brown full-body suit with grey "feathers" on the sleeves.He wears grey boots with talons,shaped to resemble a bird's legs.He wears a brown mask with a grey bump on it,like a beak.His irises go brown,his sclera grey and his pupils stay the same.His pendant is now unfolded and brown,with grey tips,which disappear gradually after he uses "Eagle's Eyes".The only way to charge him back up is to give Eglar some seeds.

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