Hawk Moth Begins is the sixth episode in the Laddybug and beyond fan series. Hawk Moth Begins features Ladybug and Cat Noir battling Hawk Moth directly. It reveals Hawk Moth's Dark Metamorphasis ability which seems to be his version of Lucky Charm or Cataclysm. The episode also introduces Monkey Commander; a Miraculous user with the approval of Master Fu. Monkey Commander's true identity is unknown as he wears a full face mask meaning even his skin colour's unknown. He also use a voice changer so we can't narrow it down using his voice. During this episode, Hawk Moth uses Dark Metamorphasis to transform the Eiffel Tower into a Air Battle Station with energy turrets and grappling hooks. It also launches a smaller craft from the nose cone. The Battle Station lands then turns back into the Eiffel Tower when the Moth Miraculous times out. Hawk Moth had by that point made his escape threatening to destroy the Eiffel Tower if the heroes tried to follow him. Monkey Commander confirms that his Air Battle Station has a self-destruct and that many civilians are within the blast range. Monkey Commander's Miraculous is the Ape Miraculous

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