Hans Alexopoulos is one of the main protagonists of Miraculous: International Quest. He is an 18-year old living in Manhattan and heirs from Athens, Greece. With his magic bracelet, inhabited by a kwamii named Buzz, Hans gains the power of conpassion and strength, transforming him into the superhero Thunderflash.

Appearance Edit

Standing at a mere six feet tall, Hans has an average/slight muscular build. He has unkempt, short black hair, peach-colored skin tone, and hazel brown irises. His outfit consists of a pale cream, V-neck tanktop over a black, long sleeved shirt. He wears dark blue skinny jeans and red-white high tops.

As Thunderflash, Hans' hair becomes cream white and more unkept, becoming more of a mullet. Unlike other Miraculous heroes, who all wear a mask, he wears a transparent gold visor. His outfit consists of a grey and gold armor-like tunic with a black neck and white accents at the shoulder pads and base while gold outlines the center, black tights, with white stripes and heels.

Personality Edit

Hans is extrovert and relaxed. As the descendant of the famous Greek painter Jocasta (his mother), Hans inherits the ability to create talented works of arts, as a way to express his personlity and thoughts. Hans

Abilities Edit

Miraculous Powers Edit


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