"Hawkmoth, your petty and personal motivations is what inevitably lead to your downfall. Emotions and sentiment shall not deter my goal of dominating the world. My invasion begins now, not even your son or his precious'Ladybug' can stop me. Soon all will know, fear, and bow to the name...Despar"-Geisel upon hearing Hawkmoth's incarceration

General Geisel(Général Geisel) is the current main antagonist of M-Squad and leader of the Despar Army. He is a militaristic artifical Miraculous user(or what he calls 'Mech-raculous') who gains his power with his artifical kwami, Geist. his civilian identity is currently unknown

Appearence Edit

Geisel wears a dark navy cape that is red on the inside and a dark navy peaked cap that bears the insignia of the Despar Army. His eye color is a dull brown and skin ghostly pale. His left eye seems to be missing with a scar in its place. His outfit seems to be a dark navy general outfit with a gold belt bearing the Despar's 'D' for a buckle, he wears dark navy trousers with black boots, white gloves, a black tie and button up shirt and his miraculous, a war medal, on his coat

Personality Edit

He is psychotically and tightly self-controlled and has a habbit of sneering when seeing or even mentioning of his enemies. He enjoys a good cup of tea and often plays chess with a computer as he plots his next course of action. His demeanor is very cold and malicious to his lower subjects such as his Despar-Troopers and lesser Akumechs. The only real affection he shows is towards his daughter(ironically belittling Hawkmoth of the same 'weaknesses') and like Hawkmoth seems to blame the world for the loss of his wife, inisiting what he does is for the good of his daughter's future and generation which he indeed does believe.

Geisel believes natural is obsolete, that machines and artificially grown organic matter has and must replace all things natural in the world, deeply rooted in the ideas of Social Darwinism and Extreme Utilitarianism, his daughter being the exception of the rule, he thinks civilization has to abandon its "natural larval state" in order to progress forward. He has gone so far to resorting to cybernetic enhancement on The Elite 5 and himself in his obsession with pure artificial 'perfection'

Gallery Edit

Trivia Edit

  • The inspiration of Geisel came from the 1974 tokusatsu Inazuman Flash, with its fascist-like main villain of the same name, Führer Geisel(Gaizeru Sōutōu,ガイゼル総統) due to the status being a reference to the Nazis, the writer felt it would be better to tone it down to general

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