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Flairre, flame on!!

—Emma's transformation phrase

I just have a hard time keeping my emotions on a leash.

—Emma, to her closest friends.

Don't care telling me why you're so riled up 24/7? Don't whine about it on me, Chicken Wings.

—Emma, to Flairre.

If there's one thing I'm such a pro at, and is that I like seeing that ugly smug face of yours BBQ'd.

Emma Josephine Agreste is the main heroine of Miraculous: Celestial Guardians.

The middle child among the three children of Adrien Agreste and Marinette Dupain-Cheng, as well as their only daughter. Infamous for her extremely turbulent outbursts when provoked, Emma is currently under a semester-long probation for her recent assault on the upperclassmen by the school principal. She risks getting expelled from her school should the blonde firebrand lash out into a violent rage one more time.

With the Phoenix Miraculous, whenever Flairre enters it, Emma becomes wreathed in raging flames and out comes her superhero identity of Firebird, The Burning Maiden. As her name suggests, the element of fire is under her domain to battle the forces of Yumas and Homunculi terrorizing France.

Appearance Edit

Emma is a young teenage girl...


Background Edit

The middle child of two well-known figures in the fashion world, Adrien and Marinette Agreste, Emma was a cordial yet shy little girl whose antics of timidity was rather endearing to her family and her only friends at that time, Ryusei Sakuraba and Zara Kubdel. At four years old, she was being attended by a babysitter named Noelle, and it was her who would eventually give the bashful child the incentive to stand up.


Personality Edit

Emma's devil-may-care, aggressive, and stubborn disposition belies her steadfast trust to her friends and family, as well as upholding a fearless determination to carry on her parents' legacy as a superhero in repelling the scourge of the Yumas and Homunculi threatening the world.

Her turbulent and snappy attitude is what many people know her for. This is evident in going off into a turbulent display of physical violence against the rather snobby upperclassmen of her school, who are known to berate and mock the likes of their juniors. She also has little to no tolerance towards teachers who, in her own words, "strict for the sake of being strict", and whispers the nearest classmate about what she currently feels about that teacher, normally being responded by a muffled laugh of amusement. That short-tempered reflex is also triggered whenever she is being teased or mocked, but instead of going berserk on whoever uttered that comment, Emma's drolling sense of sarcasm has always led her to cracking up a snarky one-liner based on that statement, vexing them as a result.


Powers & Abilities Edit

  • Athleticism: Emma is shown to be quite athletic and agile. Her level of athleticism enables to her traverse on narrow surfaces such as rails or ropes, albeit slowly, vault through obstacles while running through the streets of paris, and jump from one rooftop to another with minimal or no damage, although she rarely does this because of how risky it is.
  • Quick Reflexes: Emma has shown a higher aptitude of quickly responding to actions that are normally too fast for an average person to react. This includes ducking down when someone threw an object at her while reading a book, catch falling objects, and managing to nearly evade Dark Horse's fast-paced strikes while in her civilian identity.
  • Tactical Intelligence: Emma has a staggering aptitude in formulating tactics that could turn the tide to her favor if she ever find herself in a tight corner. Upon careful observation of a Yuma or a Homunculus' abilities while keeping her focus in the fight, she can provide direct countermeasures utilizing the combination of her pyrokinesis and certain aspects of her surroundings to even the odds, as well as needing assistance of her fellow allies' respective powers. In contrast to her combat cleverness, she isn't exactly well-versed in her academics, having mediocre grades in Mathematics, Science, and Literature.
  • Hand-to-Hand Combat: Emma is shown to be quite skilled in hand-to-hand combat, utilizing it in a simple yet effective style. She is capable of beating up able-bodied opponents with her punches, elbow strikes, and shoulder charges.

Firebird is one of the select Guardians whose overall capabilities has her under the "Jack-of-all-stats" category, as she exhibits a decent skill in close-combat, as well striking enemies from afar. She highly favors manipulating her pyrokinetic abilities with her keen sense of laying out strategems based on her environment, preferring to her flames play a role in triggering a certain "trap" to catch enemies off-guard.


True to her name, Firebird can freely produce and control fire of her own volition. The flames are magical in nature and possess a sort of mystical intensity that allows them melt steel faster than normal fire, cut through stone as if they were made of paper, and imbue objects that are normally susceptible to fire, such as wood. Firebird's flames are still vulnerable to water and soaking the heroine with a blast of water will temporarily prevent her from using her pyrokinetic abilities.

Firebird can pull off a number of techniques using her flames, such as:

  • Inferno: Firebird launches a stream of fire from her palm, quickly incinerating anything the flames touches. However, the stream's short range hampers its effectiveness.
  • Trailblazer: Firebird launches a wave of fire by a quick swing of her weapon. This attack has more range than Inferno, but its destructive capability is inferior.
  • Overdrive: Firebird concentrates a great amount of fire on her fists, then delivers a brutal punch that sends the flames to whatever has been hit, inflicting burns on the process. If the one being hit is an object, the flames will only enhanced the damage done by the punch.
    • Ruby Overdrive: Firebird channels on either feet instead and delivers a powerful flying kick that ends in blasting the target away by a flaming explosion upon impact. This variation is mostly used to finish off Yumas or Homunculi once they are weakened to a degree.
    • Vermillion Overdrive: Firebird channels intense flames into both fists then delivers a fast-paced barrage of punches that can devastate weak Yumas into a broken mess. She can charge up the heat of her punches for more power, but at the cost of suffering a temporary physical strain.

Typhokinesis (via Combustiblade)Edit

Firebird can also launch and manipulate bursts of smoke coming from the Combustiblade. While inferior when it comes to destructive power, smoke compensates this particular flaw by having a wider range and the ability to curve around obstacles when used as projectiles, as well as providing a good distraction in keeping her enemies confounded by a thick blanket of non-hazardous smoke, thus using that moment to flee from the fight. The Combustiblade has a limited supply of smoke and can be replenished by draining smoke coming from the usual sources, such as chimneys, grills, and those coming from the pipes of vehicles. Firebird is unable to replenish smoke from sources that are caused by her own flames.

Firebird also came up with a few smoke-related abilities, such as:

  • Cinderhead: By consuming a huge chunk of smoke and imbuing it with fire, Firebird discharges a powerful mass of ember that deals an explosion upon impact, striking both friend and foe alike.
  • Veiling Smoke: Sprays out a blanket of smoke that covers a wide area, giving time for Firebird and her allies to retreat from the battle.

Heat ResistanceEdit

Firebird is naturally impervious towards intense heat, but she is still vulnerable to actions caused by fire, such as explosions or other fire-based attacks. Biphron's spirit-based flames are one of those exceptions that could easily break her immunity towards heat.



Majestic InfernoEdit

Firebird's special superpower. It transforms the heroine into its namesake; a blazing phoenix. As the titular bird, Firebird has access to a number of powerful abilities, such as flying through the skies at high speeds, spewing out white-hot flames, and dispersing a wave of radiant heat that completely restores those who are injured during the conflict back to optimal condition. However, using the Majestic Inferno not only leaves the heroine two minutes left before reverting back to her civilian identity, it also gives a painful strain on Firebird's body that persists even in her civilian ego.

Trivia Edit

  • Firebird's design was inspired by Kamen Rider OOO in his TaJaDoru Combo and Kamen Rider Wizard in his Flame Style.
  • Emma has to work part-time at her grandparents' bakery every weekend at the command of her parents as punishment for her recent behavior.
  • At the age of 12, Emma had a record of juvenile deliquency. All of them were petty crimes, though.
    • Shoplifting: Emma stole a bag of chips, some soda cans, and a bar of chocolate from the local supermarket.
    • Vandalism: Emma is known for her rather impressive graffiti, which she vandalized it on the walls of public buildings or famous monuments out of personal motivation.
    • Theft: Emma swiped a man's wallet full of cash on the night before Christmas Day, then pickpocketed more during New Year's Eve.
  • She is actually fluent in Japanese after taking summer lessons of the language for more than five years.
    • However, she still has difficulty in understanding and speaking in Chinese.
  • She unironically likes and listens to Country music. She doesn't understand the whole stigma against it.
  • Emma picks her nose whenever she's alone.
  • Personality-wise, Emma's rebellious and troubled attitude can be a stark contrast to her parents' more trustworthy personalities.