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Let's turn up the heat.

—Emma's pre-battle catchphrase

This party's gonna get crazy!! Flame on!!

—Emma's catchphrase towards her enemies

Burn out!!

—Emma after defeating an enemy

EmmaJosephine Agreste is the main heroine of Miraculous: Celestial Guardians.

Confident, feisty, and has the burning soul of a blazing adventurer, she's the only daughter to Adrien Agreste and Marinette Dupain-Cheng. With her kwami, Flairre, she dons the identity of the firebrand maiden, Firebird.

Appearance Edit

Emma comes across as a young girl of height and weight commonly average for her age. Because of her spry and energetic lifestyle, her body goes for the slender and athletic kind of physique as the end result. She also bears a striking resemblance to her mother; the most prominent of the similarity is that she has her blue hair, which Emma usually goes for a low ponytail style, and bluebell eyes that have a subtle glint in them, highlighting her natural confidence and quick-witted nature.

Her civilian gear usually consists of a plain, white beret which is a memento of her fallen best friend who was killed in a deadly fire at a circus show when Emma was still 5 years old. The beret comes with some sort of metallic plating implemented along the back, engraved with ornate runes on it, and a stylish embroidery completely formed out of a mix of gold and yellow thread, resembling the shape of a swan.


Personality Edit

She is very nice and athletic. She's not super tomboy, and she loves sports.

Powers & Abilities Edit

  • Athleticism:
  • Quick Reflexes:
  • Zoological Knowledge:
  • Tactical Intelligence:

  • Fire Manipulation: True to her name, Firebird can generate and control torrid flames under her own discretion. She can mold her fire-based attacks into whatever shape or form she chooses, mostly in the form of fireballs or short-ranged pillars. She can use her hair to whip out long arcs of fire that can sweep hordes of enemies from a safe distance. In a regular basis, Firebird has a preference of causing her flames to explode on contact, dealing additional damage however she's free to adjust the intensity of the blast to prevent unwanted harm.
    • Blazing Dash: Firebird can perform bursts of speed in the form of a flaming cluster which she can zip past her enemies, evade incoming attacks in an instant, succumb enemies into confusion, provide a quick retreat and deliver an immediate counterattack. Like her pyrokinesis, Firebird can freely control herself while at high speeds, altering directions before striking her adversaries at immense speed. Because she goes into high speeds while assuming control of this ability, Blazing Dash imparts Firebird limited flight capabilities. Fiery feathers fall about in her wake whenever she uses this ability.
  • Heat Resistance: Being associated with fire, Firebird is naturally immune to heat regardless of intensity. It's worth noting that she is still vulnerable to actions caused by fire such as explosions.


Trivia Edit

  • Her Blazing Dash is inspired by how Ruby Rose makes use of her Semblance.