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Flairre, flame on!!

—Emma's transformation phrase

This party's gonna get crazy!! Let's rock!!

—Emma's catchphrase towards her enemies

Burn out!!

—Emma after defeating an enemy

Unlike Ladybug, I put more effort in my superhero costume. That's my only gripe with her.

Emma Josephine Agreste is the main heroine of Miraculous: Celestial Guardians.

The middle child among the three children of Adrien Agreste and Marinette Dupain-Cheng, as well as their only daughter. While an ordinary teenager attending middle school, she dreams of becoming a successful and world-famous rock star in the interest of firing up the passions of her future listeners, motivating them to do something out of the norm as means of achieving greater heights.

With the Phoenix Miraculous, when Flairre enters it, Emma becomes wreathed in raging flames and out comes her superhero identity of Firebird, The Burning Maiden. She has the element of fire under the control to battle the forces of Yumas and Homunculi terrorizing France.

Appearance Edit

Emma appears as a young woman of average height and weight, with a sylphlike build having slight athletic features to it. She originally had long, flowing blonde hair she got from her father but when she turned around at the age of 14, she trimmed it down to a chin-length manner.

Upon transforming into her superhero alter-ego, Emma's appearance has been drastically altered. Her short-blonde hair is now long and fiery-red, kept in a high-ponytail manner...

Background Edit


Personality Edit

Emma is a boisterous, cocky, hot-headed, and extremely snarky, young girl with a devil-may-care streak, but she firmly upholds a staunch degree of loyalty towards the people she cares for the most. There are specific topics and personalities that can easily set off the girl's patience into red-hot frustration, resulting it with a satisfying punch to whoever or whichever caused the annoyance, followed by cracking sarcastic compliments at their expense. Speaking of sarcasm, Emma casually pulls of a witty remark of anything that fancies her, even during intense situations, and she seems to have a particular dislike for anyone who has the twice the sarcasm on their tongues than hers.

Another prominent characteristic is her undying love for anything that places the words "extreme" and "dangerous" together. From doing parkour in the middle of a busy street to navigating throughout the rooftops of Paris, she nevers feels disappointed whenever she is out there, pulling out death-defying acrobatics for her own entertainment.

Powers & Abilities Edit

  • Athleticism: Emma is shown to be quite athletic and agile. Her level of athleticism enables to her traverse on narrow surfaces such as rails or ropes, albeit slowly, vault through obstacles while running through the streets of paris, and jump from one rooftop to another with minimal or no damage, although she rarely does this because of how risky it is.
  • Quick Reflexes: Emma has shown a higher aptitude of quickly responding to actions that are normally too fast for an average person to react. This includes ducking down when someone threw an object at her while reading a book, catch falling objects, and managing to nearly evade Dark Horse's fast-paced strikes while in her civilian identity.
  • Tactical Intelligence: Emma has a staggering aptitude in formulating tactics that could turn the tide to her favor if she ever find herself in a tight corner. Upon careful observation of a Yuma or a Homunculus' abilities while keeping her focus in the fight, she can provide direct countermeasures utilizing the combination of her pyrokinesis and certain aspects of her surroundings to even the odds, as well as needing assistance of her fellow allies' respective powers.
  • Hand-to-Hand Combat: After receiving some extra training under the tutelage of Louis, Emma is shown to have an aptitude when it comes to engaging unarmed combat, even without transforming into her Firebird identity.

  • Fire Manipulation: True to her name, Firebird can generate, control, and mold fire under her own discretion. Her common attacks basically involve spewing powerful blasts of fire from her hands, launch fireballs that explode on contact, and coat her physical attacks with it to give them a boost in striking power. She can also imbue any object or weapon with her flames to make them a deadly instrument of combat in their own right.
    • Body Heat Control: Firebird can also, to a certain extent, increase her temperature to heights that can leave enemies singed on contact. She must be careful in using it, as this has a high risk of becoming extremely fatigued.
    • Nova Fist: ....
  • Majestic Inferno: Firebird's special superpower, as well as her coup de grace to her enemies. The Phoenix Miraculous is discarded from the belt then placed on the hilt of the Combustiblade, where the blade is extended by an aura of raging flames. Firebird then readies herself while holding the weapon in a reverse-gripped manner and swings the weapon with tremendous power that a triad of flaming pillars charge right at the target where they fuse into a fire vortex that devours them whole, ending in an explosive finish. Using this must be at the most crucial moment, as Emma has only less than five minutes before reverting back to her civilian identity.
  • Smoke Manipulation: Firebird can generate blasts of smoke that, while entirely useless from a distance since they begin to fall apart upon being launched, can suffocate enemies at close range. Creating thick mists of non-hazardous smoke is what Firebird does to make her escape without the risk of being followed. The Combustiblade's Projectile Mode utilizes this sub-power to fire out polished bullets of smoke.
    • Smokestack Lightning: ....
  • Heat Resistance: Being associated with fire, Firebird is naturally immune to heat regardless of intensity. It's worth noting that she is still vulnerable to actions caused by fire such as explosions.
  • Swordsmanship: Firebird is also well-versed in her own variation of swordplay, which has her wielding the Combustiblade in a reversed-grip manner. She uses an all-aggressive approach utilizing powerful strikes done at blinding speed, which pressure the target relentlessly, leaving them limited opportunities for a counterattack. To lower her enemy's guard, she can fire a smoke shot that irritates them for a brief period then proceeds to rush them with an onslaught of blazing melee attacks.
  • Enhanced Strength: Firebird is shown to have an increased extent of physical prowess, as she can easily punch through a Lizardman's chest, perform a strong roundhouse kick that easily brought down a tree, and even held on her own by a strength-based Yuma.
  • Enhanced Speed: Firebird casually outruns most sedans while heading to where the Yuma or Homunculus is involved. Her speed is also essential while in combat as she can immediately head on to another enemy meters away from her original position after defeating one.


Trivia Edit

  • Firebird's design is inspired by Kamen Rider OOO's Tajador Combo, as well as Kamen Rider Build's RabbitRabbit Form.
  • Emma has a record of getting into fights ever since she was 6.
  • She is actually fluent in Japanese after taking summer lessons of the language for more than five years.
    • However, she still has difficulty in understanding and speaking in Chinese.
  • She admits that if Hawk Moth is still around the city, her hot-headedness would make her an easy target for the Akumatization process.
  • She unironically likes and listens to Country music. She doesn't understand the whole stigma against it.
  • Emma is bisexual but she has "no time for romance".