Eena Trotter is a French/Filipino student of Collège Françoise Dupont. She is a marathoner. Eena currently owns the Deer Miraculous which is an antler necklace. With the help of her kwami Amaii, she has the ability to transform into a white-tailed deer-themed superhero Whitetail.

She is an original character created by Slasharu on Tumblr.

Appearance Edit

Eena has brown eyes and dark brown hair. She has a beauty mark on the left part of her cheek. She has the habit to wear her white ponytail to keep her medium hair up, while some of her hair are freely down. She also wears gold earrings.

She wears a light gray blazer with rolled up sleeves. Underneath it is a black shirt with a white triangle in the middle. She wears black skinny jeans. Her shoes are dark blue sneakers. She also wears her antler necklace, which is peach since it's not activated yet. She often uses her small black backpack with some white spots around.


As Whitetail, she wears a brown skintight suit with a white with black stripe colar and a few white spots resembling the spots of a deer. She has a brown belt with white spots to hold her antler-themed nunchucks. She wears antlers, deer ears, and a brown mask covered with white spots as well. She also wears black gloves and black boots. Her hair becomes longer while the half back part of her hair becomes white, resembling the tail of a deer. Her necklace turns white and gains a face of a deer.

Personality Edit

Eena is calm and cheerful. She loves running around, her friends, and family. At times, Eena will be very shy at people, depending on who she is talking to. She tends to be awkward when she is talking to the people she's not really close with, but she is trying her best to get a good reputation.

As Whitetail, she becomes more hot-headed with control. She is flexible, stronger, and smarter. She becomes more outgoing.

Relationships Edit

Amaii Edit

Eena's kwami, Amaii, helps her transform into Whitetail. They have a sisterly relationship. Amaii is the reason why Eena became a little outgoing. She appreciates her kwami friend and is glad to have a friend like her. Amaii tries her best to cheer Eena up when things go wrong.

Dan Trotter and Issa Trotter Edit

She loves her parents, and her parents love her too. They are a close family. All of them are marathoners, so they also spend their time bonding while running.

Abilities Edit

Eena has high stamina and endurance in civilian form as she has the passion to run, which is why she joins any marathon to push her limits. She can also draw doodles.

As Whitetail, her stamina and endurance enhances, which makes her run faster. She has the ability to use her nunchucks nicely in battle. The chains of the nunchucks can be extented for Whitetail to use it as a grapling hook.

Trivia Edit

  • The name "Eena" came from the name "Raeena" (pronounced as rayna), which is the real name of Slasharu.
    • Her parents' name are also based on Slasharu's parents names.
  • She's the same age as the creator as well.
  • In order to transform, she has to say "Amaii, hoof up!".