Appearance Edit

The kwami is deep blue with a small, red-orange circle on the center of their forehead. Their eyes are pale yellow with dark blue sclerae. Their tail, reminiscent of that of a real peacock, contains five feathers. Each piece glows along the lower edge. The eyes of the feathers are red-orange and contain black interiors and exteriors. They also have three antennae coming out from behind their head, the center of which is longer that those to its left and right. Their mouth is a plum color and contains rows of teeth on the top and the bottom; each row ends with cuspids on both sides.

Personality Edit

He reluctantly succumbs to Le Paon's demands to help her get the Ladybug Miraculous and Cat Miraculous, as he has no choice, but he is distressed that he is helping someone use the Peacock Miraculous for evil reasons.