Daine Beauchêne is a student attending Collège Françoise Dupont. She is fourteen years old.

Appearance Edit

Daine has light bronze brown hair, which she lets down. It stops mid-back. Her skin is golden in color. Her eyes are a shade of warm brown and seem to have a friendly twinkle to them. She's short for her age, standing at 4'11". Normally, she wears a yellow T-shirt, along with a pair of pale denim skinny jeans. For footwear, Daine prefers orange converses.

As Titan Bird, she gains a skin-tight suit and a mask spanning across the bridge of her nose. The suit is golden, with the back being a lighter gold that borders on white. She gains an upside down red triangle near the top of the mask.

Personality Edit

As Daine, Daine is very warm and friendly. She's usually smiling and generally being considered a "goodie-two-shoes". Sometimes she can be a bit dense, but she tries not to. Daine is ignorant to things going on around her, adding to her density.

As Titan Bird, Daine is a whole new person. She is ruthless and stubborn, and will do whatever it takes to get what she wants. Titan Bird is excellent at planning things out, making her the ideal strategist. She can be a bit cunning and untrustworthy, due to her ruthless nature.

Powers Edit

Titan Bird is incredibly fast and strong, beyond the ability of the average Miraculous holder. Overall, she's basically a super soldier.

Titan Bird's Special Power is Peck -- she gains a golden-red glow, and is able to charge at someone with extreme force. Kind of like the move Hyper Beam from Pokémon.

Miraculous Edit

The Choker of the Titanis. When uninhabited by the kwami, it is a simple yellow-and-orange choker. When inhabited by the kwami, it turns black-and-gold.

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