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Chambor is a one time minor antagonist on Miriculous Ladybug and willingly become a very supportive ally/servent with Hawk Moth. His first briefly appearance will be on Miraculous Ladybug: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir:Special Christmas or on Season 2 occasionally.

Chambor fan art

Powers and Abilities Edit

  • Remote Empathy:Like his master's ability to sense long way, he can detect any akumas in by using a black magic and part technology to upgrade Akumas every time when Ladybug broke the users/consumers items and exponentially evolved into even more powerful creature.
  • Goblin Physiology: Although the effects of the ring that his superiors created had amplify his strength and durability and intelligence, but also it transform him into a reptilian-goblin like hunchback.
  • Metamorphosis: Thanks to the immensely, but inducing power of the ring, it can transform into a hunchback whenever his heart stopped or experience a lot of stress.
  • Enhanced Super Strength: He can lift to any heavy objects and break down trees.
  • Anger Empowerment

  • Superhuman Durability
  • Enhanced Jumping
  • Weapon Proficiency
  • Hyper Instinct
  • Enhanced Durability
  • Phase-Jumping
  • Potion Creation Skills
  • Weakness Detection

  • Enhanced Speed

Equipments Edit

  • Hunchback Bell Ring
  • Tranquilizer Gas Bombs

  • Tranquilizer Gun

  • Behaviorial Serum

  • Shield
  • Weakness Detection Micro Bugs Monitors Surveillances
  • Tractor Beam Emissions Gauntlets
  • Sword

Weapons Edit

  • Sword
  • Akuma Multiplying And Amplify Ring
  • Fists
  • Claws: Like Cat Noir, his retractable claws makes him the most dangerous fighter.
  • Torch

Relationships Edit

  • Nooroo
  • Melefrezz


Chambor's miraculous and his weapon Of two: Swordsmaship and proficiency of how to handling a torch.

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