Cerise Henare
Cerise Mugshot
Name Cerise Henare
Nickname(s) Cherry
Basic Information
Sex Female
Species Human
Age 14
Height 5'2" (159 cm.)
Weight 112 lbs. (50kg)
Relatives Akona Henare (mother)
Luca Henare (father)
Residence Paris, France
Tauranga, New Zealand (former)
Occupation Student
Special Information
Likes Rugby
Argentinian empanadas
Crème brûlée
English Héléne Joy
French Rebecca Dreyfus
Korean Park Ji-Yun
Latin American Spanish Liliana Barba
Hebrew Mona Mor
Polish Natalia Kukulska
Brazilian Portugese Larissa de Macedo Machado
Swedish Molly Sandén
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Superheroes don't wear gimmicky costumes and run around like a circus acrobat. Real superheroes do their job without crying for attention!

—Cerise, to Cat Noir

Cerise Henare is a recurring character in Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir. A student at Collège Françoise Dupont in Paris, France whom originally hails from Tauranga, New Zealand. Thanks to her Māori heritage, she is able to communicate with kwami, and has thus gained a fair amount of knowledge on their origin.

Appearance Edit

Physical appearance Edit

Cerise is a biracial adolescent female who, despite being of average height for her age, is often mistaken to be older than she is (normally by one to three years). She has caramel skin, green eyes with notably long eyelashes, and raven hair that fades into a chocolate brown ombré, styled into an asymmetrical bob wit the bangs swooping over her right eye slightly. She also has an infinity mark on the right side of her neck, stating that it's a "birthmark", though this is far-fetched for most.

Civilian attire Edit

She normally wears a sleeveless turquoise u-neck shirt covered by a dark gray informal vest with silver lining, denim skinny jeans, and khaki-colored lace-up heeled boots. Her accessories include two cyan bracelets on each wrist, pale brown triangular earrings, and a pair of white headphones. She can also be seen with a brown 1970's camera.

Personality Edit

Generally silent unless spoken to and of few words during these times, Cerise is defined by the misleading first impression most of her, which has led to various rumors. She is shown to be quite sensitive to these hearsay, but doesn't seem affected when people such as Chloé Bourgeois insult or taunt her directly.

However, evident by her activity in many sports such as rugby, cheerleading, and basketball (though she ceased playing for a while after Adrien bested her in a one-on-one game), she is very athletic, becoming dynamic and playful when competing. She's a good sport, but has a tendency to hold quiet grudges until a rematch is settled. If her opponent still wins, she accepts and the bitterness dissolves.

Cerise also has a strong resolve with any decision she makes, never feeling the need to defend her decisions against anyone, and simply going with them, which does lead to some rather naive actions. In spite of her decisiveness and responsibility, she is not a good leader, unable to handle pressure past a certain point.

She is a mama and daddy's girl, and sometimes even turns down an outing with friends to spend time with them.

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Relationships Edit

Adrien Agreste/Cat Noir Edit

Not to be dramatic, but you know this isn't the end, don't you? No way I'm letting you go after this.

—Cerise, to Adrien after their basketball game

Cerise and Adrien are on strange terms, with the former possessing a small amount of jealousy towards the latter after he defeated her in a one-on-one basketball game. This event is a prominent part of their relationship, with both harboring a mutual and new-found respect. They are rivals, but because to competition, and less because of personal disdain. She tends to tease him on various imperfections of his, but is unable to pick up whether or not they genuinely hurt him. Her obliviousness consistently bothers Marinette. Until Then She Is The New Queen Bee She Accepts It

Cerise at Cat Noir, however, are complete enemies, despite not having a direct relationship. Due to Cat Noir's illustrious reputation, she is aware of his cocksure attitude, and loathes it. Though she gratefully notes he has saved her on more than one occasion, she feels as though superheroes should be modest and do their job with altruism, and that his cat-themed outfit and animated movements directly combat her beliefs.

Marinette Dupain-Cheng/Ladybug Edit

Chloé Bourgeois Edit

I don't mind whatever you have to say, but please stop spitting in my face.

—Cerise, speaking to Chloé

Akona Henare Edit

Luca Henare Edit

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Theme Song Edit

Cerise's official theme song is "Little Swing" by AronChupa featuring Little Sis Nora (Nora Ekberg).

AronChupa - Little Swing ft

AronChupa - Little Swing ft. Little Sis Nora

Trivia Edit

  • Both she and her mother claim she is a great driver
  • Her birthday is April 1st