Cardboard Copy is the first episode in a fan series called Laddybug and Beyond. The episode consists around Adrien having to use the Ladybug Miraculous to stop the title villain. The episode's sub-plot focuses around Alya suspecting Marinette of being Ladybug (until Marinette gets an interview with Adrien as Laddybug) and Tikki and Plagg finding out the identities of each others' Superhero while at Master Fu's. This episode features the first occurrence of a villain de-transforming without a fight; and the first occurrence of someone other than Marinette using the Ladybug Miraculous onscreen. Trivia: Tikki and Plagg sneak off to Master Fu's without telling Marinette/Adrien, when asked where they were their answer is "a friend's"; no-one can tell Laddybug from Ladybug despite the obvious change in hair colour, although they can hear the change in voice so Laddybug pretends to have a sore throat; Marinette finds out that Laddybug is Cat Noir and Adrien finds out Tikki is Ladybug's Kwami; Marinette has started using the latest Ladyblog video as her Alarm, the mention of Ladybug causes her to sit up indicating that this is more effective than a traditional alarm, it is implied that Tikki suggested this recently; it's implied Marinette's alarm system doesn't go off whenever a new video's put up; Marinette's clock shows 6:00 when she wakes up. Cardboard Copy's civilian form is a postman called Patrick, this is most likely a joke on Postman Pat.

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