Camembert is the wife of Plagg.

Appearance Edit

Just like cheese, Camembert does not have a "real" gender, however they appear female (with matching pronouns) most of the time. They will also tend to refer to themselves using feminine terms.

Camembert has fluffy, beach blonde hair that barely reaches their shoulders. Their eyes are the colour of cinnamon, but the outer rim of their irises leans more towards that of coffee. As for their skin they have a light olive shade.

Being a spirit has its perks as they can appear as they wish, to a certain degree.

Personality Edit

Camembert tends to be a sweet character. They try to get along with everyone and won't choose a side if conflicts appear, but that does not mean they're not loyal or dependable.

Their attitude, however, may fluctuate and take influence from their mood.

Relationships Edit

Plagg Edit

Plagg is Camembert's husband. They might not be Romeo and Juliet, but they sure are a cute couple.

Abilities Edit

Unlike the Miraculous holders and their Kwamis, Camembert doesn't have any flashy abilities. However, how they came to be and how they can participate in social media remains a mystery.

Trivia Edit

  • Camembert has their own social medias; Twitter, Tumblr and an Ask.
  • As the Saga (LGBT+) community needs more attention, Camembert was made genderless, but with a preference as that's how they started out.
  • Camembert will refer to themselves as 'blue cheese' when they're feeling sad (blue).

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