The Butterfly Miraculous is a magical brooch that whenever Viridia is summoned into, it allows the user to transform into a butterfly-themed superhero. Their theme is modeled after the emerald swallowtail butterfly, the Chinese peacock swallowtail , and the Paris peacock swallowtail. Its current bearer is Woody McCargar, an American college student located in France.



The Butterfly Miraculous is a large oval-shaped golden rimmed Paraiba tourmaline brooch colored in cyan-blue. Whenever Viridia is summoned into the Miraculous, it starts to emit a turquoise-colored light and pale gold silhouette of a butterfly appears when transforming. Like all of the other Miraculouses, the Butterfly Miraculous starts blinking and the butterfly starts losing each of its wing, indicating that the user has used his/her superpower and will revert back to his/her civilian form.


The Butterfly Miraculous represents Elegance, transformation and good luck and is appears to be one of the powerful Miraculous along with the Cheetah Miraculous behind the Ladybug and Cat Miraculous.Its main superpower is Emerald Flash, allowing the person to use the Butterfly Arrow to fire a special arrow that disperts into smaller arrows, hitting the opponent in every opening, which weakens their strength/stamina, and make their limbs go numb. Its other superpower is Miraculous Butterfly and like Miraculous Ladybug and Lionheart's Call, it's a purifying power. The user shoots an arrow into the air and shouts out "Miraculous Butterfly!" which generates the raising arrow to explode into bluish-green energy which disperts into small butterflies that go around, fixing any damage. While the Emerald Flash has a limit, Miraculous Butterfly does not.

List of Known BearersEdit

  • Ancient Chinese Emerald Butterfly (male) - China
  • Ancient Egyptian Butterfly (female) - Egypt
  • Ancient Indian Emerald Butterfly (male) - India
  • Ancient Brazilian Emerald Butterfly (female) - Brazil
  • Prince Motohiro of Japan - Japan
  • Crown Princess Anuhea Kahananui - Hawaii
  • Woody McCargar - Paris, France


  • The Butterfly Miraculous take the form of a brooch like the Moth Miraculous, but the Butterfly Miraculous shows more elegance.
  • It maybe rumored that the Butterfly Miraculous may share a connection with the Ladybug Miraculous.
  • Butterflies mostly represent beauty and transformation, which explains why Woody went through a transformation from being scrawny to incredibly handsome throughout his teen years.

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