• Miraculousfillie

    Hey miraculers! I'm Miraculous Fille, and i have something to share with you guys. 

    I have my own wordpress website that has been running for a while but i only post once a week cause im busy and sometimes i forget to post since im busy mostly because its summer and im traveling and stuff. 

    but anyway here the URL:

    its a website full of Miraculous stuff such as episodes, Fanart,Images from the show, Gifs,music videos,and yeah. 

    I hope you take a look at it and enjoy

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  • Adriennette4life

    Things in Italics are thoughts

    Marinette pov

    (currently they are in Marinette’s room)

    “Tikki, u know what, tomorrow is the day I’m gonna tell Adrien how I feel about him or at least I want to know if he started to *l-i-i-i-k-e me yet like I *l-i-i-i-k-e him”, I said I was so excited about the idea that I’d come up with I could practically burst.

    Tikki looked at me clearly surprised by the sudden suggestion I had made”, I’m so proud of you Marinette you’ve finally decided to get this over and done with but what exactly are you planning on doing because knowing u you’re not gonna risk going in public and confessing to him there so what have you’ve got planned."

    I looked at Tikki excited that I had her support so I continued “, I’m going to invite…

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  • Drackal wolf


    May 11, 2018 by Drackal wolf

    Should I make a singular page for the ocs I technically have since If I do one for every ocs it will be a lot of pages.

    There is Sienna, Crystal, and Velvet who live in the UK

    Narissa Raphael and Lukas who live in the southern part of America

    Zeke maria and Tessa in ireland

    Marrie and Scarlet in America Massachusetts. 

    List keeps going

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  • Snow-Leopard777

    Watching the show: 

    Adrien gets the first season on DVD, and asks his friends over to watch it with him, (whole class) but they can only come under the promise of, if the show is spot on, not revealing Chat and Lady’s identities.

    Chloe is visibly more distressed during the episodes, and while the others are taking a bathroom break, Marinette pulls Chloe aside and talks to her about her reactions: 

    Plagg loves Marinette. 

    Kim views Mari as a sister- perhaps threatens Adri incase he hurts her? 

    Okay, so I know that a lot of comics have to do with either Adrien/Chat or Marinette/Ladybug getting akumatized, but what if something like this happened: 

    Chloe turned around with a huff and smile after reading Marinette’s not-so-secret diary to the clas…

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  • DiamondKittyHero

    Today I'll be gabbing about one issue in the Miraculous series. You've probably seen things like this before, but hopefully I won't have the same boring-old-cliche answer. So, why doesn't anyone make the connection between Marinette/Adrien and Ladybug/Cat Noir?

    The answer, as I believe it, is rather simple.

    First off, though, one might say it's stupidly obvious. Adrien didn't want to be stuck in the house all day, something his father, Gabriel, has clearly seen. Adrien dared to go to school, too, even though he had was tutored by Nathalie. Then, Gabriel saw the ring, and Cat Noir is always seen with a ring on, although it looks different. Adrien even looks like Cat Noir. The more famed question is why Alya doesn't recognize her best friend Marine…

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  • Ayaharu

    Miraculous Files Page 1

    November 9, 2017 by Ayaharu

    Welcome to Miraculous Files! Here you can find my thoughts about my own works. You may also find ideas that may or may be of benefit to you (usually it do not). If an idea interested you and it didn't appear in my fanfiction, feel free to ask me to adopt it. The files are numbered in pages for easy tracking. Let's start!

    • After a few weeks of almost no access to the wikia, I finally managed to get some time to do some minor edits. Really, they are  just minor. 
    • I changed the superhero name of my OC to differentiate her to an existing namesake. Instead of Phoenix, I decided to use Suzaku, the Japanese name for the Vermillion Bird from the Four Symbols of Chinese Constellations. Why? First, because of its similarity to the mythical being we kno…

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  • Ayaharu


    October 17, 2017 by Ayaharu

    Hello unfortunate people who lived in an unfortunate boring world of reality (including me)!

    I've been here for only a few days and I haven't introduced myself. I'm Ayaharu. Nice to meet you all. It is my first time sharing my ideas in a fanon wikia and honestly, I haven't been that long in wika either. I absolutely love here! Though I hope people would be more active. It would be nice to see and watch ideas grow and flourish. Hope you will help me improve my writing skills too.

    Ayaharu, signing off~

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  • Chechensichkeria

    Hello everyone. I've been on this Wikia since February of 2017 with several of my MLB OCs, and I remember activity on this site "peaking" (well, I can't really say peaking, as people have been on here much longer than me and I don't actually know when the pinnacle of activity occured) around spring with new OCs, fanons, etc... being created and edited. Nowadays, all I see when I check in here are comments on Ladynoir or Ladrien or just some ship between LB/Mari or CN/Adrien. I don't have anything against this -- by all means, you're free to do whatever you want on here -- but I'm hoping for a revival of some sort amongst the MLB Fanon community. There have been so little new ideas and OCs being posted on here, excluding me and a few others…

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  • RoxLove15


    July 14, 2017 by RoxLove15

    Hey Miraculous Ladubug fans.

    I go by the name RoxLove15 and I just recently joined this wiki and I'm also really new to this fandom. I'm a fan of this T.V series though I'm not thoroughly familiar with it yet... Okay to be honest I haven't even watched one episode yet but nevertheless I like it. It's a show with a unique twist and great characters. The Miraculous Wikia is a great place to share your ideas and opinions on the show along with many other fans :)

    Thank you for reading my introduction (though I'm not actually sure if I'm allowed to do introductions in the blog section in this Wikia...)

    Happy editing and watching Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir episodes :)


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  • Puppycornashlynn
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  • Ashyboo94

    Little help?!

    April 30, 2017 by Ashyboo94

    (UPDATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) Hey there everyone! 

    I'd like to start with how is everyone doing? I myself am doing pretty good. 

    however i'm writing this to get some help on a few characters that i'm creating.  

    My main problem is the special powers,  i have 3 characters 

    1.} Kenna Devereux, she's the holder of a new Moth Miraculous. She goes by the alies Clymene, because her Kwami looks like the Clymene Haploa Moth, her name is Teeny. Kenna's miraculous is a ring, her weapon is a folding fan(s)special power Winged Allure- Allows her to bend the will of someone through a magical stimulated means of pleasure and seduction, although it drains her powers and reverts her back to Kenna shortly afterwards.

    2.} Lottie Martin, she's the holder…

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  • Geekgirl113

    OC tip

    March 10, 2017 by Geekgirl113

    One thing I noticed with the canon characters is that every 'pair' is an animal and then a bug or insect. cat - ladybug peacock - moth fox - bee So if your going to make an oc pair, try and make one an insect and the other an animal.

    Thanks and have fun creating!! :D

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  • Chechensichkeria

    Group Roleplay?

    February 25, 2017 by Chechensichkeria

    Hi! So I'm just wondering, would anyone join a group roleplay with their OCs if one was created? I feel like a group roleplay would be a perfect opportunity to meet new people and make new friends, as we are a community, after all. And if you are interested, should we start one? Thanks. :)

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  • Dragonflymiraculous2006

    Hey everybody!

    PLS notice that (alot) canon character are not welcome here!

    You can help by adding them on it!

    Just make sure it's just like our sister wiki !

    Ignored canon characters:

    Nino (needs rename and more infos! make sure he is jade turtle to us!)

    Nathaniel (need more infos!)

    Marinette (a little rename and more infos!)

    Adrien (more infos!)

    and more if u can notice everything!

    Help the wiki!!!

    ~Katty Dao

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  • Technomon

    New Episode Idesa

    January 29, 2017 by Technomon

    I think it would be awesome if a rebellious character were to get akumatized and then he gains control of the Akuma and work alongside Ladybug and Cat Noir.

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  • Dragonflymiraculous2006

    Yawn... can't take it anymore...fanarts...rules...ZZZZ....


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  • KingSparta300


    October 13, 2016 by KingSparta300

    I had the idea for a crossover involvoing Maleficent from the first sleeping beauty movie. Here, she is a part of the Quintic universe, and was defeated by Joan of Arc when the latter was Ladybug. She has returned, and sworn revenge on Ladybug for her defeat. 

    Other corssovers could be about Kingdom Hearts, Steven Universe, the Avengers.....heck, we could create a very vast main crossoververse for this.

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  • Krixby87

    Tentacreep: an akumatized villain with extendable metal tentacles. He used to be an aquarium worker named Devon Mcdouglas whose octopus got insulted by Chloe. The akuma is located in an aquarium pamphlet.

    Warmonger: an akumatized villain that can turn anything or anyone into a living weapon. He is also armed with daggers. He used to be a war veteran named Freddy Fazburn who had worries about his PTSD get the better of him. The akuma is located in his dog tags.

    Cheese Master: an akumatized villain that has the ability to manipulate cheese. He used to be a cheese salesman named Aaron Giles, whose cheese accidentally got thrown in the river during Ladybug and Chat Noir's fight with Tentacreep. The akuma is in his cheese knife.

    Thumper: an akumat…

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  • Colettemoneau

    Ok so i've come up with the owner of the peacock miraculous and i've named her colette moneau. She's 15 and she was sent to her uncles mansion to live in (btw her uncle is gabriel agreste) after her mother adele and her father garrot got into a car accident and passed away. I'm thinking that she joins the team in the christmas special. She gets her miraculous by returning it to the master, after rescuing it after natalie mistakes it for being some cheap box and throws it out. When colette opens the box, she finds the peacock miraculous inside. she also finds an adress, leading to the masters home. She returns it to him, and tells her that her aunt mrs. agreste had been the original owner of the miraculous, but vanished for unknown reasons …

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    May 3, 2016 by LEONARDOAL4011


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  • Thatonefangirl2033

    Okay so basicly i just finished my article about lucas another fan made character and its like 11:21 over here at mexico anyways, when i finished lucas i was like "heh im totally not going to ship this with sierra", im litteraly shiping it right now im shiping it in secret since i dont want my friend to know he wouldnt like lucas to be with sierra, and now im working on a fan fiction called a fox and a dog , if you dont get it go read the article about lucas. So yeah im shiping it, "i dont care i ship it"- notliterally.

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  • AbsolTheHiroPone

    Would it be OK to have my Miracusona be Adrien's sibling? I uh, kinda have been thinking about it for a while so... >.<

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  • LucyFaith888

    Name: Malinda Neith Taipan

    Kwami: cobra

    Kami name: Apophis

    Kwami accessory: Bronze snake thigh coil with rubies for eyes

    Ethnicity: half Caucasian, Half Arabic.

    Description: Long striaght light brown hair. One red serpant eye and one blue serpant eye. Curvy body. A very beautiful girl.

    When traveling to her fathers famous dig site in the acient pyramids of Egypt she explores the ruins to find a strange box containing an acient destruction that attempts to swollow her soul before she takes back control, earning the power to use the destruction of her kwami: Apophis, Apo for short, at the mere age of eleven. Traveling the world, learning to control her power, she grows bored, returning to her home in paris to model with her new friend: Adrian Agre…

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  • Princess of Harte

    Hello, fanonside of the ML Wikia! If you don't know me, I'm the Princess of Harte, an admin on the factual side of the ML Wikia. I'm speaking to you today because Papapillon needs your help. Recently on Twitter, he posted this. Seeing that you all have already put your Miracusonas and Akumasonas on here, I'm going to link this wikia to Papapillon.


    --Princess of Harte

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