Berall is a kwami that is connected to the Mole Miraculous, which Acelet Jeckillem currently owns. With the help of Berall's powers, he can turn into Mono Mole.

Appearence Edit

Berall has the same build of other kwamis, but with a light brown skin, and two big glowly black eyes.

Personality Edit

Berall is sassy, what people would call "salty", meaning that most of the time he acts sassy and laughs when things go as planned against his enemies.

Relationships Edit

Acelet Jeckillem/Mono Mole Edit

Berall isn't that friendly to Ace, since he lived long enough to see a lot of better holders of the Mole Miraculous, yet he doesn't do anything to work on his heroship, and most of the time, he is sleeping inside the Mole Miraculous and only comes off to eat, bother/help Ace on his life and fight akumas. Though, compared to the other mole holders, Berall agrees that Ace is far the most optimistic and friendly, and appreciates that. They don't have the best kwami-holder relationship, but theirs are better than Hawk Moth's with Nooroo.

Abilities Edit

Like all other kwamis, Berall can fly, levitate, pass through certain objects and can turn Acelet into Mono Mole. Berall's energy is used to perform the Akuma Slicer superpower, however, when Mono Mole's last 3 minutes are over, Berall will get hungry, and will need to eat vegetables to regain energy.

Trivia Edit

  • When the Mole Miraculous was originally ment to be a Dung Beetle Miraculous, Berall would be a dung beetle kwami instead of a mole kwami.

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