Aquaa, or short simple Aqua is a OC kwami made by Katty Ect

Aquaa is the dragonfly kwami . Her current partner is Catherine Su Wong. When she inhabits the dragonfly magicrystal, the holder will became Turquoise Dragonfly. Her gender pronounce is Female.

( and now, she will introduce herself anyways)

Miraculous base kwami by royalswirls-d9rk686

Aqua's concept info art.

Info Edit

Oh, it's long. Some other times, ok?

Personality Edit

I'm witty and funny, but sometimes strict.

Powers Edit

All kwamis power. U knew it already!

Appearance Edit

Ima kwami, color is Turquoise, two antennae, turquoise eyes, and a dragonfly tail.

Relationships Edit


Trivia Edit

  • She likes to eat strawberry scones and matcha tea.

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