Note: This character is created by CureKurogane aka KuroganeBlade for his fanseries, Miraculous Awakening. Please do NOT add any edits unless permission is granted by CureKurogane himself. Thank you.

Being a star isn't about fame and fortune. It's about showing the people how much you love them.


Ameena Zahra Nasrin Bouhouche (born June 3rd), mononymously known as Ameena is an Algerian singer-songwriter, dancer, actress, record producer, philanthropist and fashion designer. She is one of the supporting characters of the series, Miraculous Awakening and is one of the newest celebrities in Paris and is accompanied with her agent/manager, Mohammed.


Ameena is a beautiful Algerian girl who is in her late teens like Marinette and company. She has a deep passion for music and has been involved with it ever since she was a young girl. Ameena is also an amazing dancer, and a skilled songwriter and producer and has made her acting debut after the success of her album. Many people (mostly Brenda) think that Ameena is a spoiled and selfish diva who loves getting the attention and money, but she is very kind-hearted, humble, and cares about the world around her, especially animals.

She adores her fans so much, and even enjoys hanging out with them, especially Marinette and the others and is revealed to be a fan of Jagged Stone. Ameena is a pescetarian and has started her fashion line called, Raynbow.


  • Ameena is inspired by Malaysian pop singer, Yuna

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